Hey guys-

Soooo if you tuned in tonight at 7:30pm for Facebook Live…Jenn and I were missing. We were live…just in the wrong place! We talked with about 50 people for 40 minutes before we realized we weren’t on the tribe page…we were on JSS’s personal Facebook page. Unfortunately, we had to delete the entire video and start over. Hence why on the feed we did go live with, I was a bit off my game.

I did a bunch of prep and wanted to recap everything we discussed on our first broadcast, so here goes:


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-We talked about having a JSS Tribe HRI separate from the Peloton one. This would give people the opportunity to take more rides with Jenn and with other instructors, enjoy the city, enjoy each other for more time. We def love the idea and are thinking it would be October of 2019. Yes it seems like that’s forever, but it’ll be here before you know it!

-Jenn agreed to an ALL REQUEST SING -A-LONG Finale! Look for details coming soon!

-Jenn is off the last weekend of June through 4th of July. More info on her Summer vacation days to come but this is what we know for now.

-Hat orders are being taken…be patient!


We answered quite a few of your questions on our first broadcast.

  1. Stephanie Caputo: Any fun trips for either one of us this Summer?   Jenn said no. I’m going to LBI in August for 2 weeks
  2. Darci Humphries asked if Jenn was going to bring back Music Legends rides. Not at this time, but check out the ones that are in the database already.
  3. What would Jenn be doing if she didn’t teach at Peloton? Prob something in the music biz but not for a corporation.
  4. Teena Teens asked what Jenn’s fave music genre is. She loves Hip Hop, she loves rock, she’s a Deadhead and of course loves Bruce. She likes it all.
  5. Katie Rossino asked: How many rides do we think Jenn’s taught? About 1000 but nobody knows for sure and there won’t be a milestone ride.
  6. Heather Sooy Dean asked who Jenn would want to have dinner with and she responded with either Bruce Springsteen or Howard Stern.
  7. Jen Farhat asked who Jenn would ride with if she had a bike. She responded with Alex, Cody and maybe Robin if she wanted an ass woopin. Also maybe Ally.
  8. Branda Kraemer asked if Jenn had a bucket list? Jenn said she’d just love to travel.
  9. Godnick asked John Oliver or Bill Maher. Jenn watches both (I only watch John Oliver)
  10. Robin Tillman asked for an update on Tony the garage guy…he’s a bit friendlier but no massive change
  11. Heidi Collet asked why the rides now have more descriptions like 60s Rock etc. Due to licensing, the instructors can’t use the artists names in the descriptions so this is the best they can do at this time to describe the ride
  12. Cristina Ribeiro asked if Jenn creates her own arms segment and the answer was yes. Jenn also revealed that more arms were coming as is some Beyond the Ride classes!

Other topics covered:

Pizza, Howard Stern, Dax Shephard, Nobu, Jenn’s shoes, Jenn’s needs a haircut, the new studio coming is going to be insane, Jenn will never teach a tread class, Jenn likes sushi and I am sure there is more, but I’m exhausted.

Let me know if you have questions…once again…apologies for the fuck up!

Love you guys!





How Well Do You THINK you know our own Howard Godnick?

  • First and foremost explain the genesis of your leaderboard name…
    Even as long ago as July 2015, many of my preferred leadernames had already been snatched up…”goddave,” “godfred,” “godthor,” and “godwilly” were all taken, so I went with “godnick”
    Personal Info:
    Name: Howie Godnick
    Where do You live? Manhattan, NY (Upper West Side)
    Married/Single? Divorced, which led me to the best thing to ever happen to me without a penis (see next question), Carey
    Kids/Grandkids? Two sons – Max (26 and a writer/producer) and Andy (21, junior at Syracuse)
    Pets? Ernie the dog is a soon-to-be 12 year old labradoodle
    Working/Retired? Kinda
    If you went to college…what college did you go to? Stony Brook (theater major, BA 1980)
    Motto in which you live by?
    At the ripe old age of 35, not long after my fourth sub-four hour marathon, I had a quadruple bypass.  After my heart surgery my cardiologist said to me, “you didn’t die; you have to live.”  I have subscribed to that mantra ever since, and it’s gotten me through a heart attack at 45 (on a spinning bike, from which I had to be medevac’d by helicopter), visual impairment at 50, two stents at 52, and losing 40% of my blood internally last April.
    “You didn’t die; you have to live”
    1)   How long have you had your bike? July 2, 2015
    2)   Where in your home do you ride?  In my second bedroom
    3)   What is your favorite Color? Blue
    4)   What is your favorite food?  Special K With Chocolate Pieces (“now with even more pieces!”)
    5)   What is your favorite TV Show?  Survivor, Bill Maher and John Oliver
    6)   Have you ever ridden in studio?  Yup
    7)   Who would you like to ride with?  Alexander Hamilton
    8)   Guilty Pleasure?  Hamilton (7 times, and counting)
    9)   Favorite Curse word – I’m not a big curser (never, ever cursed in front of my parents, or my kids), but who doesn’t like a good fuck?
    10) Favorite musician/band – The Who
    11) Morning or night? – night
    12) Last Book You Read?  Face
    13) Who’s the Last Person who texted you?  – Carey
    14) Favorite App?  – Words With Friends
    15) Favorite Sport? – March Madness
    16) Favorite Sports Team – NY Yankees
    17) Fave Alcoholic Beverage – Diet Snapple Trop – a – Rocks
    18)  What Color is your toothbrush – Blue
    19)  Do you have a favorite cartoon character? – Archie
    20)  Coffee or tea – Snapple
    21)  What time do you go to bed? – midnight-ish
    22)  Fave Reality TV show? – Survivor (was this a trick question)
    23)  What is something we’d be ,surprised to know about you? I was an actor, standup comic and Street mime for many years before deciding to go to law school, and spent three years as a regular extra and bit part player on SNL (81-83).
     24) Who would you like to eat dinner with? Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr 
    Anything else you’d like to share?  In 2012 I was asked to accept the Award of Courage from Sloan Kettering Hospital, despite the fact that none of my many design defects included cancer.  My friend and role model, Michael J Fox, introduced me, and the video of that speech led to the opportunity last March to give a TedTalk.   Both my Award of Courage and TedTalk speeches speak to my philosophy in life, and my mantra:  “you didn’t die; you have to live”


  • Leaderboard Get To Know You
    First and foremost explain the genesis of your leaderboard name…
    Personal Info:
    Name: Tullie (rhymes with Scully) Soileau (pronounced like Swallow – yep!)
    Where do You live? Birmingham, AL (but from Louisiana)
    Married/Single? Happily Married to David most days. Some days I want to throat punch him, but I still love him. I think he’s super hot, too!
    Kids/Grandkids? 2 little ladies, Susie and Hazie
    Pets? A pointer named Levi, who I think is part pig because he eats so damn much.
    Working/Retired? Part time lawyer
    If you went to college…what college did you go to?  Louisiana Tech University and Cumberland School of Law, Samford University
    Motto in which you live by?  Don’t be a doormat. Also, I constantly remind myself that my girls are watching me and are learning how to be a woman, a lady, and a contributing member of society from me, so I better set a good example.
    1)   How long have you had your bike?  Since December 2016.
    2)   Where in your home do you ride?  In my bedroom. My view is usually that of an unmade bed and my two girls.
    3)   What is your favorite Color?  Black. Every shade of black. I wanted to paint the inside of my house black, my my husband said no. My favorite nail color is Dark Dahlia by CND Shellac. It’s right up there with black as my favorite color.
    4)   What is your favorite food?  Spicy tuna bowl from Fresh Market, my shrimp salad, or my husband’s guacamole
    5)   What is your favorite TV Show?  90210 or Party of Five (come on, you know you loved them!)
    6)   Have you ever ridden in studio?  Yes!!!  My dad took me for ride 100 in February!  It was THE BEST!  I’m going back for my bday in November!
    7)   Who would you like to ride with?  Someone with a bike?  Therese Nagem. Someone who may have a bike?  Bieber. Someone I know doesn’t have a bike?  My sister, Currie. The instructors?  All of them!
    8)   Guilty Pleasure – Sunglasses. I won’t even admit to how many pairs I have, but it’s a lot. I can’t help myself.  I also collect oyster plates. Sounds lame, but they’re so beautiful!!  I’m also a total nerd and take selfies all the time, and I love anything with a skull on it.
    9)   Favorite Curse word – Fuck or goddammit
    10) Favorite musician – Kevin Griffin of Better Than Ezra, Billy Joel, Taylor Swift, Pink, etc. You can’t make me choose. I won’t do it.
    11) Morning or night – Sunday-Thursday morning, Friday and Saturday night
    12) Last Book You Read – Shut Up and Run and A River in Darkness
    13) Who’s the Last Person who texted you – my sister and my dad about weather, Therese Nagem about weekend plans, and my bestie Tommy about his love life
    14) Favorite App – Twitter, FB, iMessage, and FaceTime
    15) Favorite Sport – college baseball
    16) Favorite Sports Team – LSU Tigers and NO Saints
    17) Fave Alcoholic Beverage – champagne or White Claw
    18)  What Color is your toothbrush – grey and purple
    19)  Do you have a favorite cartoon character – not really
    20)  Coffee or tea – coffee
    21)  What time do you go to bed – 10 or 11
    22)  Fave Reality TV show – Teen Mom or 600 pound life (stop judging)
    23)  What is something we’d be surprised to know about you?  I majored on geography and GIS because I wanted to be a meteorologist, but I decided at the last minute I should go to law school. I’m still fascinated by weather.  I’ve also never met a festival (music or otherwise) that I didn’t love.
      Dinner guest – All of my grandparents, Martha Stewart, JSS, Robin Arzon, and John Foley.

      I just want to say thanks to JSS and to this tribe. I work in a job where so many women see each other as competition, and I don’t like how that feels. I’ve learned how to support others by watching all of you. There have been so many times over the last year when I’ve needed to emotionally support friends and family and even stand up for myself, and this tribe has given me so many ways to do this. By watching how support from strangers can go such a long way, I’ve been able to be there for people in my life so much better.  I’ve also learned that cheering for someone doesn’t mean I’m putting someone else down.  So thanks, everyone!  I’m a better friend and mom because of all of you. I live and love unapologetically because of you all. I love all of you for your support of me and especially of my dad when he took me to NYC and did 5 rides in 3 days with me. He still talks about it.  You’re all wonderful people, and I really think we need a JSS Tribe HRI. I’d be the first to sign up (and if it’s the weekend of November 9, that’d be great because I’ll already be there for my bday! Hint! Hint!). XOXO to all!


Leaderboard Get To Know You

First and foremost explain the genesis of your leaderboard name…

#TheGriz: I’m a 1985 alum from the University of Montana. Mascot: The Grizzlies past prez of the alumni association and a big fan of my alma mater. My non-MT friends call me “The Griz” since I’m the only Montana alum they’ve met!

Personal Info:

Where do You live? As I’m writing this, mid-Michigan, however 2nd week in February my wife & I are moving to Salt Lake City, Utah!!

Married/Single? Married to Holly (#ZoeGirl) for 27 years


Kids/Grandkids? 2 great young adults, Zach who lives in SLC & Amanda who lives in Kalamazoo.

Pets? Zoe, our 13 year old mini-Golden Doodle

Working/Retired? Working on retirement! Move to SLC is first part of that! (soon)

Motto in which you live by? It used to be “keep your eye on the prize” but last year it’s changed to The Shit That Matters! 🙂

  • How long have you had your bikeone year this January! Been riding since November of 2016 when my company gym bought 2 bikes.
  • Where in your home do you rideCurrently in our basement, in SLC? TBD…
  • What is your favorite Color Blue
  • What is your favorite food since our Summer trip to Italy, Aglio e Olio
  • What is your favorite TV Show – not a big fan of TV, but just finished bing watching Stranger Things, LOVED it!
  • Have you ever ridden in studiono, but will later this year, God willing!
  • Who would you like to ride withKevin McKenny #PharmaSpin is my Pelo-brother, I have a standing invite to ride with him in the studio. Thinking Howard Godnick #godnick would be a blast but afraid he and I would get kicked out of the studio for snarky commenting during the ride!
  • Guilty PleasureSome version of chocolate, currently, Nutella & Peanut Butter
  • Favorite Curse word Umm, yeah… Fuck. Picked that one up from a certain spin instructor! (thanks Jenn!).
  • Favorite musiciancurrently playlist artists are David Gray and Jason Isbell
  • Morning or nightMorning person. As I’ve grown older I find that I’m getting up when I used to go so sleep as a young man!
  • Last Book You ReadThe Broker by John Grisham
  • Who’s the Last Person who texted youmy lovely daughter Amanda!
  • Favorite AppSpotify or Delta Airlines (I live for music, but also live on a plane for business)
  • Favorite Sport Soccer, used to be a big-time soccer-dad, but they retired from the game and I had to retire from following… (I’m still voting for Carly!) My EPL team used to be Arsenal but Dave Barnett is lobbying for me to follow the Hotspurs!
  • Favorite Sports TeamGreen Bay Packers
  • Fave Alcoholic BeverageCraft Beer & Tequila –reposado or anejo please!
  • What Color is your toothbrushblue
  • Do you have a favorite cartoon characterSponge Bob
  • Coffee or teaEspresso!
  • What time do you go to bed10 pm… don’t hate, I love my mornings!
  • Fave Reality TV showNone… but I have caught The Voice from time to time.
  • F…M…K…John Foley, Denis Morton, Cody Rigsby or Robin Arzon, Jenn Sherman, JJOK… this one caused the most pondering… If those are my only choices, here we go: F – Robin; M- if I had to do that over again, Jenn Sherman, as we grow old together we would have Magical playlists to listen to! (she is my music spirit animal); K- Cody… have you ever seen him rock a Speedo? I’d kill for that look!
  • What is something we’d be surprised to know about you? I’m an award-winning homebrewer, cheers! I also have a penchant for playing craps, usually in Vegas. Because of the Peloton bike & community I’ve become an outdoor road rider now as well!
  • Dinner guestwould love to share one more moment with my Mom & Dad who both passed, one more wonderful meal together!

Anything else you’d like to share?

LOVE this bike that goes nowhere! Because of my business, I get to travel around much of the country (but not yet to NYC…!) and have connected with Pelofriends around the country. Rode outdoors with Chris Merrill in Salt Lake City (who, may actually become a neighbor!); got to meet Dave Barnett and his wife Victoria at the Dallas Cowboys/Philadelphia Eagles game. Also rode in a few of the Peloton Showrooms in Dallas, Austin and Troy/Detroit. All these staff have been superb and welcoming to allow a wayward visitor the chance to get a ride in!

LOVE this JSS Tribe for all their love, support and positive vibes! And I can’t forget our great Admin’s for their dedication and hard work.

Then there’s Jenn Sherman… Since I started back in November of 2016 with your NFL rides, I’ve become hooked on your down to earth approach to spinning, it’s more like riding with a best friend than an instructor, LOVE THIS!