Giving Back/Sherri Breslow/Mitochondrial Awareness

 I will be doing 4 rides this Sunday for Mitochondrial Awareness Week which is a cause very important and close to my heart because my daughter has a mitochondrial disease.
Hi JSS Tribe! I am going to be riding in the NYC Studio on Sunday 9/24 for Mitochondrial Awareness Week and for my 150th ride.!!! After 8 years of searching for answers my daughter, Sydney , was finally diagnosed with a mitochondrial disease. Mitochondrial diseases occur when the mitochondria in a person’s cells cannot convert food into life sustaining energy. Sydney is now 25 and is one of 8 people in the world that have been identified with her specific mito disease
which affects her vision, speech, walking and balance. I am going to ride at 9:30am with Jenn for HOPE, at 10:30 am with Jenn for ENERGY(150th!!!) and then a 3rd ride for LIFE and a 4th ride for A CURE. Please join me in the studio or at home as we ride for Sydney and the many others with this devastating disease who can’t!
To learn more about Sydney , mitochondrial diseases and our fund please go to:
To learn more about mitochondrial diseases please go to
My screen name is spinninsherrib and right now my location is jsstribe#hope#energy#life#cure