JSS Tribe HRI & HRI Weekend-General Info

Lots of questions coming out of the big Peloton HRI Announcement.

I will do my best to answer as many of them here as I can:

Last year was my first HRI Event. On Friday night there was a Peloton cocktail party at Chelsea Piers and all instructors attended. So did Peloton execs including John Foley! I don’t remember what time in-studio rides ended but there were in studio rides most of the day and none in the evening.

Chelsea Piers party was top notch. Appy’s and Open Bar. Step and Repeat for photo opps and lots of people meeting who have never met before. We all received name tags with both real name and LB name. People got very dressed up. I was definitely UNDER dressed but that’s my M.O. most of the time anyway.

On Saturday and Sunday there were rides and Beyond the Ride classes.

The way sign-up worked last year, was that Peloton released a $50 package that included the cocktail party, 1 Ride and 1 Beyond the Ride over the course of the weekend. Jenn’s classes went FAST however after the frenzy died down, Peloton allowed members to purchase additional classes where there were openings.

Peloton did provide hotel recommendations, restaurant recommendations and fun things to do for those visiting from out of town. I’m sure they will do this again.

I have NO idea at this point about the following:

-What this years package consists of

-How much this years package costs

-When this years package will go on sale

-What Jenn’s teaching schedule for that weekend will be

What I can tell you is that it was all a ton of fun and I can’t wait for this years event.

Shirley, Getty, Yaya and I are all working hard already to put together a great JSS exclusive Tribe event for all of you and will provide info as soon as we have it. We are looking into hotel ideas, and hope to have our own recommendations too, but remember, we don’t work for Peloton and this stuff is time consuming so we’ll do our best.

Let us know HERE what questions you have. We’ll keep adding to this thread so that you can get all of your HRI facts in one place.

#JFDI and book your trip now!