JSS October Poetry Contest

Here are the official entries for the October poetry contest. Be sure to vote!

Staci Jackson:

Growing up and through college, soccer was my sport
but the aching in my ACL-less knee I had to thwart
So on to memberships at studios galore
Yoga, gyms, spinning, boxing, and…wait - were there more?
But this adult thing called work got in the way
Too many missed classes for which I still had to pay!
So I quit everything all at the same time 
Thinking doing nothing won’t cost me a dime!
But I failed to remember to read the fine print
Doing nothing makes me feel like shit
Then I saw it while walking through the mall
It was a beautiful machine sounding its siren’s call
But resist it I did for quite a long time
I wasn’t ready to call it mine
In the back of my brain it continued to nuzzle
And then I knew how to solve my puzzle
Cleaned out a room that was nice and bright
Dolls and legos were cleared out of sight
And now I happily pedal and sing
Riding a Peloton is now my thing
No injuries to report except for legs that feel dead
And of course there’s my dog who got bonked in the head
I’m grateful to have found this JSS tribe
A crew and instructor that have a great vibe
But now a question I must pose to you all:

Early morning and late night I’ve ridden
But how do I keep those boutique packages hidden?

Melissa Vincifora:

How it all started...
My husband bought this bike for me for turning fifty-five
Before this I did not know about Peloton and that's no lie
My bike was delivered and all set to go
I jumped on a ride - what did I know?
This beautiful woman was on my screen
Guiding me through the entire routine
When I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew
I got my first shout as if she just knew
Of course it was JSS and this was the start 
I hold her and all of you very near to my heart
Your kindness and support are always inspiring
So I'll JFDI and keep on riding!

Selena Selena:

Sometimes when I’m feeling blue
I hop on my Peloton and ride with all of you
It turns my mood upside down
Even when I feel really down
Who knew a bike that goes nowhere 
Could lead to friends from everywhere
So let’s keep riding with one another
As there could be no better way to support each other

Heidi Ashby Collet:

Memoirs of a Peloton Mom

My day starts early, before anyone can see
The Pacific Time Zone can be such a B.

You could just ride it later they say,
But there's no shout outs for sleepy, on demand riders today. 

Alone in the dark I creep to the bike,
Silently trying to not wake even one little tyke. 

I change my location to "Dark & Early",
And get a nod from my fans Rainbow Dash and Barbie.

My screen comes to life all my friends are here too,
LilPowerHouse, GrayBird, and there's me MomCantHearYou. 

We're all here to see our flawless leader Jenn,
With two N's, golden hair, and the strength of 1000 grown men. 

I hope she sees me and calls out my name, 
Because when she doesn't it just isn't the same. 

Milestones, birthdays, she sees it all,
If you're celebrating on her ride you made the right call.

She leads us tirelessly up hills without even the water in her cup, 
All while enthusiastically encouraging us to not F it up. 

She knows her music, football, she's a fan of the Boss,
Has the mouth of a sailor with shiny lip gloss

Her outfit always stunning she's perfectly fit,
I want to be just like you Jenn (you're scared now- I get it.)

Sweaty and pumped I emerge from my seat, 
The house is now alive and they all want to eat. 

Breakfast, lunches, backpacks prepared without fail, 
We run to the corner and kiss goodbye at the bell. 

Back to the house to eat some fruit and toast, 
My phone beeps it's SpinjaMom "what's up on your coast?"

I suggest we do a 60 min ride much to her distress, 
Silly girl she knows I only hear JSS. 

Return to the saddle now with company in the typical fashion,
Surely you know two three year olds make the best riding companions. 

They like to test my reflexes and throw Shopkins at my head and shoes, 
But their true passion is perfecting the art of aptly timed simultaneous number two's. 

It's a running joke in our house that the kids I will be ignoring, 
But without them I wouldn't be MomCantHearYou and that would be boring. 

It's because of them and all of you,
I am who I am and you are too. 

Your friends will never understand your Pelo sunshine, 
Just smile assured you have the best butt in the school pick up line.

Christine Owen Harry:

There once was a teacher named Sherman
Who swore like a fucking longshoreman 
She pushes us hard
So we don’t turn to lard
Magic is what makes the woman!
Love me a limerick!

Jacqui Cincotta:

On the 14th of March
I found out that day
Into remission 
Went my RA
I cried tears of joy
So much so I wept 
And for the first time in years
I finally soundly slept
The Epic Sing Alongs 
I always take part
But this particular ride
Went straight to my heart
Some of you may know
Neil Diamond's my guy
But during this sing along
JSS made me cry
I not only a shoutout
But the song that means most
Neil Diamond's "America"
With JSS as the host
I dance and I sing
But this particular day
JSS was like magic
And I said fuck you to my RA ☺️

Stephanie Caputo:

Ode to JSS. 
There once was an instructor named Jenn with two N’s
She loves music, tequila and all of her friends.
She makes us feel special when she shouts out our name and
Her great hair puts mine to shame.
We love that she sings when she’s on the bike, if she only had her very own mic.
JSS we know is magic and if she ever left that would be tragic.

Howard “Harold” Godnick:

“I Ride For Me”
I don’t ride to watch others follow
I don’t ride for a leaderboard win
I don’t ride to hear my name repeated
I don’t ride to cleanse my soul from sin
I ride for me, and the pleasure that it brings me
My mind, my body, my pleasure, more or less
I ride to escape all the tumult that surrounds me
I ride and I train with the incomparable JSS

Dottie Hopper Lupariello:

It used to be on Tuesdays
I'd be out for a run
But I heard about this rock ride
And it sounded like fun
The instructor was Jenn
And she sure knew her rock
So I made sure on that run
That I watched my clock
I cut my runs short
And ran home to my bike
Cuz I'd found a new tribe
That I really did like 
So now at 930
I'm ready to go
And settled on my Pelo
For the JFDI JSS show

Allison Markowitz:

Thanks for "Getting It"!

The bike itself is great but let's be real,
It's Jenn who seals the deal!

She has brought us all together and for that I am grateful,
And tho we are all at different ages and stages this tribe is never dull!

Coming together IRT on Tues, Thurs & Sun is one thing,
But staying together online makes for 24/7 funday bling!

Most have never met but feel closer than BFFs,
Sometimes surprised by 6 degrees of WTFs!

In 2016 I wrote to Jenn after every ride with "that playlist was OMG!" 
In 2017 my resolution was for Jenn fewer MSG.

I've kept my word and write to her less,
Now my group chat gals suffer my mess!

Fellow CA riders know that the time change straight sucks,
By now my kids know to figure it out or they are fucked!

Jenn is the best and you all rock too,
Ride on friends-AlisonMarkowitz loves you!

Jennifer Sneed Gavin:

I'm no poet & I sure as hell know it, 
But to talk about this tribe, I can find a vibe
It's been nearly 2 years since I found JSS,
& with her I have had much success
The miles ridden, the strength gained
To those without a bike, I cannot explain
All those familiar names & faces, 
On the LB, FB & other such places
Bring a joy to my days, checking my phone
For my corporate job keeps me away from home
The updates & ride sharing keep me stoked, 
I'm always ready to ride especially after a Diet Coke
Jenn, you & this tribe have added so much to my life
Truer words were never spoken, it's def more than a bike

Emily Volpone:

I ride with the tribe
To sweat, to laugh, to get fit
To find me again.

Rachel Boutin:

It was the app that started it all for me
It was so cool and so fun, more so than I expected it to be.
When I previewed all the instructors, I landed on one
She seemed amazing and fun, comparable to none.

I took a few rides with this spunky blonde haired “JSS”
Each time on the bike, she’d push me ‘til I was a hot sweaty mess.
I’d ride with her on the gym bike sometimes on weekends, sometimes at night
And then began the Epic Sing Along Rides, and these rides were what made Peloton just feel right.

So I bought the bike and low and behold
Its even better than I imagined, just like I was told.
Now I can ride in my house any time, night or day
With my favorite instructor, JSS of course, because there’s no one else I would say!

Rock and Pop legends, Pre-Games, Yacht Rock and Last Calls
I’d pick riding with her any day over going shopping at all the malls.
She just knows how to teach, how to connect, she’s the best
She is a huge reason why with Peloton, I am obsessed!

Julie Seibold Huss:

JFDI stands for “Just Fucking Do It”
But this mantra does more than just make us stick to it

With each passing day JSS inspires the Tribe
To be more than a group to which we choose to subscribe

The alarm rings each morning and the struggle is real
But we know after a JSS ride just how we will feel

Renewed and encouraged, motivation galore
It’s what keeps us all going when we think there’s no more

The music, the friends and the strong sense of unity
Is what beats in the hearts of this amazing community

Pushed across the finish line with JSS strong at our backs
Reflecting and smiling at all her well-chosen tracks

We reach for our water, our towel and our brakes
Remembering JFDI is all that it takes! #SpinHussie

Rachel Cone:

There's nothing quite like this bike...
Not even a 5 mile hike😜...

It has created friends oh so dear, who live both far and near...

We ride and scream to the fam, " please come move that fan!!"

Our favorite coach is Jenn with that amazing hair!!
C'mon Jenn, what's the secret? Please, please share.

We ride and hope that maybe, we will get a shout out that makes us scream like a baby!!

At night our magic pants we lay, and dream of the awesome tunes she'll play.

There's nothing quite like this bike... except perhaps the smiling guy in the very from row.... 
I believe his name is Mike:))

Jennifer Daniels:

A bike that goes nowhere.
A tribe that's so fly.
That's what I tell folks when they ask why,
I pedal each weekday at a cadence one hundred,
At 5:15 AM when I should be in bed.

The 5:15 Tribe was my first Pelo-home.
But then on the weekends I started to roam. 
And now every Sunday it's JSS time
Riding live with her tribe is truly sublime.

Every JSS ride has great atmospherics. 
With Jenn as our guide and savant of song lyrics.
A shout out, a milestone, an NFL score,
Each Sunday Funday leaves us wanting more. 

The Pelo-celebrities round out the vibe
With Getty, Carruba and team to admin our tribe 
And none more than Godnick do we all adore
For his pause button, "Rich man" and poems galore.

So here's to the tribes - 5:15 and JSS
I am grateful to all of you, you're truly the best!
John Foley and Jayvee I hope you are listening 
Your tribes miss each other --the LB needs fixing!

Lisa Robertson Chron:

Something so simple yet so hard to describe
The love that we feel for this woman, this tribe

Strangers and friends all gather as one
We can all say that exercise has truly become fun

Getting to know her riders is Jenn’s claim to fame
She never forgets a milestone, a birthday, or a leaderboard name

How she keeps up with it all, none of us truly know
Even as her ridership continues to grow

Building muscle, losing weight is only the start
The support of this tribe is what sets us apart

We bought this bike to exercise where we reside
But what we really want is to go to the Mothership and ride

Yacht rock, Sing-a-longs, Rock n Roll and much more
She brings passion to every ride, it is never a chore

Nervously entering the studio for your very first live ride
There is Jenn with her genuine smile and her arms open wide

Does she know how special she makes us all feel?
Can she tell that the camaraderie within this tribe is real?

We rearrange our schedules and rush home to ride
She makes us feel so happy inside

We ride together through the good times and the bad
United whether we are scared or laughing or sad

Always side by side with our inspirational Jenn
And that is the sh*t that matters my friends

Laurie Selwyn Condon:

A Bike that goes nowhere 
It’s hard to explain
For those who don’t have, one deem us insane
Why is a shout out such a big deal?
It makes you try harder, put more on your wheel
Most of us ride alone in a room
But talk to the bike and belt out a tune
We meet on the tablet to ride with our friends
Hands on our back we can always depend
It means something different to all that do ride
Each little milestone, taken with pride
The best money spent, most would agree
It’s not just a bike but a true community

and another from Laurie:

 I felt like I needed to write one for Jenn
Who’s more than a teacher we call her a friend,
No matter how big the leaderboard grows
She calls us all out, she makes sure she knows
Each birthday and milestone, and even much more
She knows every teams record, along with their score
The Sunday Pregame has given me cred
I recite the lineup from the top of my head
Lastly I’ll mention JFDI
Which motivates some and makes others cry, 
We wear JSS shirts and are part of the tribe
That all come together to get on her ride
So a shout out to Jenn for all that you do 
The magic that happens is all thanks to you!

Keri Greene-Maskell:

Thursday evenings are often so tragic;
Cuz I know I’m always missing JSS’s magic.

Triple Play Tuesdays are oh so much fun;
but I often miss three cuz work starts at 1.

Back to back sundays are my claim to fame
especially when riding the football pre-game.

No other instructor can ever compare,
forget about teaching, just look at that hair!!

JFDI is my number one phrase;
It often comes in handy - in many of ways!!

Tequila with lime - her drink of choice;
while belting out BRUCE and losing her voice.

There’s no better teacher with half as much sass,
as we thank JSS - cuz we ALL have the best ASS!!

Gray Nicholson Beard:

I used to sit around on my ass
Until my husband started to harass
You need to find something that makes you move
You need to get into a fitness groove
So he bought me a bike at my request
made me promise not to make it a laundry chest
I took my first ride and felt like I would die
But I hopped back on for a second try
I thought to myself this isn’t so bad
Maybe it’s not just a passing fad
Cody was cute, and Christine so zen
but then I came across our wonderful Jenn
One ride then two then three and four
I knew I was hooked forever more
Along came the tribe and good friends I did make
Side by side every ride we can take
Lifetime friends I have certainly found
a healthier outlook on life all around
Sharing in laughter and some tears
Helping each other overcome our fears
Our families all think we are a bit insane
but before all this exercise was mundane
I’ve found a place where I can be
quite simply put the best version of me

Karen Berland Gottdiener:

Here's my attempt at a little verse 
But I'm going to have to keep it a little terse
When my husband said "hey, let's get a bike" 
I said "are you kidding, go take a hike"
but he did it anyway and I ride it almost every day!
My friends think I've lost it 
but I just don't care 
There's nothing quite like it
A bike that goes nowhere
When JSS says JFDI 
thats what you do
it's really a high
so thank you Scott - no more "I told you so" 
I love this bike more than you could know

Lisa Didier:

I watched the ads that made me drool
Will that bike make me look that cool?

The house, the kids, the perfect life
I’ll trade it in for mine of strife

We visited the showroom in NYC
And I asked my husband to buy it for me

I ride and ride in my basement room
The ad props don’t have that gloom

But luxury doesn’t fuel my ride
I get that from the JSS tribe

The ad doesn’t show all there is to like
It neglects to say that it’s more than a bike.

Lauren Carroll:

Twas the night before school started, when all through my mind
thoughts were whirling, mostly of the stressful kind.
My bags for the gym were packed with my kicks
So I could arrive just before the early hour of six.

But, what if I lay awake all night in my bed
While visions of teaching blunders danced in my head?
How would I get to the gym on a night of no rest?
The early morning gym plan was simply not the best.

I grabbed a magazine for some healthy distraction
Flipping the pages and enjoying the inaction
Exercise is good for the body and brain
My commitment to healthy living could not wane.

The full moon had risen in the night sky
I was about to retire for some restful shut-eye.
When what to my wondering eyes did appear
But a Peloton ad with all of its gear.

An exercise bike for my house, so sexy and sleek
The answer to the prayers of every work-out geek!
I cancelled my gym membership the very next morn
A Peloton addict was soon after born.

Now Cody, now Jenn, now Robin and Ali
On demand, theme rides and milestones to tally
A JSS group to support me on the cycle
And Friday nights with DJ John Michael!

I became obsessed and couldn’t wait for my next spin
Great workouts on my own schedule – that’s a win-win!
My body changed and I became quite svelte
Two plus years later and a thousand rides under my belt.

To the JSS page, I did subscribe.
All those riders - one supportive tribe.
"You showed up, now show up," and "Try. Just try"
Ride on Tribe! And JFDI!

Cristina Ribeiro:

OK if there's something I really suck is at poetry 😄 but here there is my entry to the contest, a little riddle: 


She’s the sun but we don’t see her in the sky

She makes us fly like a kite, cry like a child, 
sing like a bird, dance up a storm and climb like a pro

She gives us shout outs, but she’s not our mom
She makes us smile and laugh but she’s not a clown

She teaches us history of music and she knows a lot
She loves Bruce Springsteen, how could she not?

She “sees us” through a screen, which is not a TV
She plays requests without complaints and her playlists are always the best

She leads our tribe and only she knows how
She brings us together and we become one

She says our bike doesn’t go anywhere but she takes us everywhere
She loves what she does and she shows that to us

She calls me Little Powerhouse and I agree with that
She is the one I always want to hug 
She is the one I always thank for being part of my life! ❤️

By #LilPowerhouse

Sue Mesh Grapel:

My fancy decor
Had become quite a bore
I got me a bike 
Didn't know if I'd like
Every day I would pass 
Would I place on it my ass
Almost two years have gone by
And still daily I try
I'd call it a win 
Cause 1000 times I did spin!!
My Thursday night ride
Will be taken in stride
I'll join the millennium club
And then celebrate at a pub
OF COURSE I'll Ride it with JSS
Because her shoutouts Are THE BEST

Shelley Berk Martin:

Riding fast or riding slow 
Jump on the bike and you start to go 
The music gives you that certain vibe 
You are now part of the JSS Tribe 
It is a small part of your busy day 
That sets you up to go on your way
It is a joy and honor to be able to ride 
With amazing people on my side.

Ben Schirmer:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I fucking love this Tribe.
That's all.

Tonia Jenkin:

Our Peloton journey began a year and a half ago
A bike just for ME since I could no longer run (and was tired of running in the snow)

It was magical, motivating, addicting - every ride was the BOMB
And then I thought to myself, "I should really share this experience with Tom."

In the beginning I let him try a few rides here and there 
Keeping a close eye on the bike for any signs of wear and tear

He's a big man, you see, and destroys everything in his path
He loudly sings, curses and rides the bike like a complete psychopath 

Then one day I made the mistake of letting him try a class with Sherm
Don't remember if it was a Football or Sing A Long, but boy his love she did earn

Since then TBells NEVER gets to do a live Sunday 10:30 Sherman class
BigTom always getting the shoutouts and rubbing it in...WHAT AN ASS. 

However, it's all in good fun and we really enjoy being a Pelo-pair
I have my Tribe and #ShadowSisters - as long as he doesn't break MY bike, I don't care!!

…and another from Tonia:

"BigTom 350"

Oh how in the world can this be
that Big Tom is finally set to celebrate milestone ride number 350
Not sure why it has taken him so long to make it here
But it’s probably because he ONLY rides with Sherm and drinks way too much beer 🍻 

Perhaps he should turn off the football games and put down that remote 
But alas he is addicted to watching his beloved Pats and that handsome quarterback also known as “The GOAT”  🏈 

But this Sunday, watching football on TV will have to wait and he’ll learn
That he can get all the football details he needs during the ride from that blonde hottie he calls “Sherm”

He’s known for his loud singing and all those air instruments he plays 🎸 
And that wicked Bawhstan accent puts most people in a confused daze

Hopefully we will ride together in the showroom, proudly wearing our Tribe gear
And listen to Jenn try to pronounce “Naaay-tick” while we grin from ear-to-ear

So join us if you can, for this Sunday’s NFL ride
Grab your agua and towels and be sure to keep some Swedish Fish by your side

Help us celebrate his big milestone ride, since for him it was no easy task
Feel free to push him along the leaderboard, most likely #MamaSloth and #Ginstwin will be beating his ass.

Emily Thomas Kendrick:

Oh what luck, you can say F--K! 
My husband walked in while I was taking a JSS ride and i was swearing up a storm. 
He's all...I thought you said you wanted to clean up your language. 
I said f--k that I have found a f--king home!

Dan Martinsen:

Beatles, Stones, aching bones, rocking rides, hitting strides
Triple Tuesdays, OD Wednesdays
Personal Bests

Football pregames, Calling out screen names
Springsteen tunes, instructor swoons, Tix never a doubt

Hip Hop Rhymes, Legends rides, Tuesday mornings, Thursday nights
Sweating hard, singing loud
Everyone shout!

JSS started the fire
Now the flywheel’s turning and our legs are burning
JSS started the fire
And the Tribe goes on, and on and on

Wendy Goodman Sturges:

Better late than never: For the last ten years I’ve pedaled on my bike trainer
Pedaling a few times a week was just a no brainer
Headphones with music would blare in my ears
Following the notes from my coach I had nothing to fear
It seemed easy to clip in on my road bike most days
Training accomplished- there was not more to say
Then I noticed Peloton ads pop up on my page
My interest was spurred more and more every day
Along came year fifty and hubby asked for my wish
A Peloton bike? In the gym it will fit!
The gift he sweetly granted a smile spread on my face
He thought he’d try too- maybe we could race?
I bounced around with instructors trying to find the right bet
I surely loved Hincappie, Vandevelde and Wilpers for sweat
None seemed to be perfect but I was having such fun
My trainer didn’t compare to my Peloton my workouts outdone
Then I stumbled on Jenn and what did I find?
Music that matched me and songs that blew my mind
The rides were such fun my laugh one could hear
My sing along voice through the house-oh, dear!
I now follow the tribe and I’m making new friends
They get my Peloton “crazy” no one wants it to end
So thanks to JSS and my bike in the gym
A bike that goes nowhere surely gives a tribe of great friends!

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