Laurie Condon and Jamie Herz — Riding and Raising Funds to End Alzheimers

From Jamie Herz: Laurie Condon and I met at HRI, and we are both fighting to find a cure to end Alzheimer’s. Laurie lost her mom to the disease, and I am the Program Director of the Alzheimer’s Association, Michigan Great Lakes Chapter. We decided to combine efforts to see if we could raise money and awareness to end this horrific disease. If anyone would like to participate in an Alzheimers Ride in the Studio on Sunday, June 24th during Jenn’s 10:30 ride, we have 30 bikes reserved. The asked donation is $100 and your bike is included in that. If you would like to just donate (any amount), or ride from home we appreciate all of it.

As an employee of the Association, I have watched people suffer from this disease mercilessly. It is unbelievably cruel, and can even effect people in their 40s and 50s. It is a slow, excruciating demise, with no treatment, cure, or prevention. It takes a toll on one’s entire family, and caregivers are left broken and exhausted. Some people can care for their loved ones for up to 20 years, and watch as the person they love become a shell of their former self. Please join us in doing what we can to put an end to this horrible disease.

From Laurie: This fundraiser is very personal to me, because I watched my beautiful, smart, healthy mom, suffer for 15 years to the point where she was not able to recognize me or my siblings. The worst part was when she knew she was losing her memory and there was nothing we could do to help her. It broke our hearts to see her suffer.

In her lifetime, she was a teacher, and a philanthropist. She taught braille to the blind, drove people to dialysis and was always the first to lend a hand. I would love to pay it forward with a cure. I am hoping that with enough funding towards research we will discover better ways to prevent this disease from robbing people of their loved ones.

Any and all donations are appreciated, and can be made using this link.

Even if you are unable to donate at this time, please consider changing your location on June 24th to #TheLongestDay #End ALZ- an Alzheimer’s Association National fundraiser that honors caregivers as every day is their longest day.