Hey guys-

Soooo if you tuned in tonight at 7:30pm for Facebook Live…Jenn and I were missing. We were live…just in the wrong place! We talked with about 50 people for 40 minutes before we realized we weren’t on the tribe page…we were on JSS’s personal Facebook page. Unfortunately, we had to delete the entire video and start over. Hence why on the feed we did go live with, I was a bit off my game.

I did a bunch of prep and wanted to recap everything we discussed on our first broadcast, so here goes:


-If you want to make the most of the JSS Tribe…post, comment, get involved. If you that’s not for you, no worries, check out the page, take what you want from it and move on.

-If you are reading this then you have found this website. Included here we have the following:

All of Jenn’s playlists (or you can follow me on Spotify at kristycarruba)

Leaderboard Get to Know You (if you want to participate, let me know I’ll send you the form!)

Calendar – we try to keep it current

Giving section – if you are fundraising, let us know we’ll post here

Jenn’s (and our) favorite things

JSS ride database- Looking for a ride, an artist or a theme? Check out the database

-Facebook Page posting rules.

Now that the page has grown to over 5000 members it’s important that we monitor what you’re all posting and stay on track. Please remember this isn’t your personal page. Stick to rides, each other, Peloton, JSS etc. If it’s your son’s Bar Mitzvah…Mazel Tov but the pics don’t really belong on our page. If we take something down, we’ll let you know.

-We have a store

Here’s the link: https://www.zazzle.com/s/jss+tribe

-Andi Bags 20% Off Coupon good until end of June

-Milkshake…if you have any pics, any feedback, any endorsement, let us know, we want to share with the Milkshake folks

-We talked about having a JSS Tribe HRI separate from the Peloton one. This would give people the opportunity to take more rides with Jenn and with other instructors, enjoy the city, enjoy each other for more time. We def love the idea and are thinking it would be October of 2019. Yes it seems like that’s forever, but it’ll be here before you know it!

-Jenn agreed to an ALL REQUEST SING -A-LONG Finale! Look for details coming soon!

-Jenn is off the last weekend of June through 4th of July. More info on her Summer vacation days to come but this is what we know for now.

-Hat orders are being taken…be patient!


We answered quite a few of your questions on our first broadcast.

  1. Stephanie Caputo: Any fun trips for either one of us this Summer?   Jenn said no. I’m going to LBI in August for 2 weeks
  2. Darci Humphries asked if Jenn was going to bring back Music Legends rides. Not at this time, but check out the ones that are in the database already.
  3. What would Jenn be doing if she didn’t teach at Peloton? Prob something in the music biz but not for a corporation.
  4. Teena Teens asked what Jenn’s fave music genre is. She loves Hip Hop, she loves rock, she’s a Deadhead and of course loves Bruce. She likes it all.
  5. Katie Rossino asked: How many rides do we think Jenn’s taught? About 1000 but nobody knows for sure and there won’t be a milestone ride.
  6. Heather Sooy Dean asked who Jenn would want to have dinner with and she responded with either Bruce Springsteen or Howard Stern.
  7. Jen Farhat asked who Jenn would ride with if she had a bike. She responded with Alex, Cody and maybe Robin if she wanted an ass woopin. Also maybe Ally.
  8. Branda Kraemer asked if Jenn had a bucket list? Jenn said she’d just love to travel.
  9. Godnick asked John Oliver or Bill Maher. Jenn watches both (I only watch John Oliver)
  10. Robin Tillman asked for an update on Tony the garage guy…he’s a bit friendlier but no massive change
  11. Heidi Collet asked why the rides now have more descriptions like 60s Rock etc. Due to licensing, the instructors can’t use the artists names in the descriptions so this is the best they can do at this time to describe the ride
  12. Cristina Ribeiro asked if Jenn creates her own arms segment and the answer was yes. Jenn also revealed that more arms were coming as is some Beyond the Ride classes!

Other topics covered:

Pizza, Howard Stern, Dax Shephard, Nobu, Jenn’s shoes, Jenn’s needs a haircut, the new studio coming is going to be insane, Jenn will never teach a tread class, Jenn likes sushi and I am sure there is more, but I’m exhausted.

Let me know if you have questions…once again…apologies for the fuck up!

Love you guys!