Does he like birds? Lets find out who WickdParrotHead REALLY is!

Leaderboard Get To Know You

First and foremost explain the genesis of your leaderboard nameI’m a massive Jimmy Buffett fan – a ParrotHead – and I’ve been to over 60 Jimmy Buffett concerts. I was born in Honolulu, but Boston is my chosen home and wicked is a positive adjective here. So WickdParrotHead is a nod to both my home and my musical passion. PHINS UP!!

Personal Info:

Name: Andrew Stevens, though that’s my Facebook pseudonym. I use an alternate FB identity so that the 20-somethings on my team at work don’t learn how depraved some of my friends can be. 

Where do you live? Newton Centre, Massachusetts, about a mile over the Boston city line and 5 miles from downtown.

Married/Single?  Live with my partner – and his mom, who has dementia

Kids/Grandkids?  No kids. I never thought I was cut out for parenthood.

Pets? I’m a dog nut. If I could, I’d have dozens and I’d save every dog in need. We have Angus, who is 95 lbs of Goldendoodle love without whom I can’t even imagine my life. He’s spoiled rotten but still well behaved and he will do anything – and I mean anything – if you’ll throw his Frisbee for him to fetch. And you’d better get in bed before he does or you’ll be lucky to score 15” in which to sleep!

Working/Retired? Working. I’m a career mortgage banker, but not a loan originator – I work in what’s called Secondary Marketing in our business. The bank I worked for recently sold the division I ran, so I’m currently doing some consulting for other companies and looking for my next career opportunity. I also teach the School of Mortgage Banking for the Mortgage Bankers Association all over the U.S. and again this year in India.

Motto in which you live by? Illegitimi non Carborundum. My dad has had that on a sign over his dresser my whole life and I really like it.

How long have you had your bikeMy bike was a housewarming gift in September, 2016 from my partner’s mother when I bought the house in which we now live. I bought the house so we would have enough space for her to move in with us so she did something amazing for me & bought me my bike.

Where in your home do you rideOur finished basement is the exercise room. My Peloton shares space with a seldom-used elliptical and treadmill

What is your favorite ColorGreen

What is your favorite foodHmmm. . . so many options . . none of them healthy. Gotta go with pizza.

What is your favorite TV ShowDoctor Who. And if you haven’t watched Amazon Prime’s The Man in the High Castle? Oh yeah – you gotta!

Have you ever ridden in studioNo. That’s a major PeloGoal for me

Who would you like to ride withJSS, Ally, Denis, Alex or HMC

Guilty PleasureSour Patch Kids – the 2X sized ones. If I’m weak enough to allow them in the house? I’ll eat ‘em until they’ve taken a layer of skin off of the roof of my mouth. Shameful!

Favorite Curse wordMonkeyFuckers! It works for bad drivers, frustrating situations and for when the Yankees take a lead over the Red Sox.

Favorite musician – Well given my LB name, I’m clearly going with Saint James – Jimmy Buffett!

Morning or night – Depends upon the activity. J I love being up early and I live staying up late. They’re not compatible behaviors. Working from home does give me a bit of flexibility, though.

Last Book You ReadI’m actually not sure. I read everything on my Kindle, and I’m usually reading several books at once. The last one I finished was most likely a murder mystery – they’re my go-to reads for relaxing.

Who’s the Last Person who texted youMy friend Dawn – #GirlsWhoCanDo. We were chatting about today’s One Peloton ride and about Denis’ Hairgate ride from a few months ago.

Favorite App FlightRadar24. I’m an aircraft/airline nerd

Favorite Sport Baseball

Favorite Sports TeamBoston Red Sox. My license plates read BEAT – N.Y.

Fave Alcoholic BeverageWell here is Sophie’s Choice . . . but I gotta go with beer – good beer like Sam Adams or Guinness. An ice cold martini or an exceptional gin & tonic (my brother’s are insanely good) is a very close second.

What Color is your toothbrushWhite – it’s an attitude-laden Sonicare. I love the results, but always feel as if it’s judging me when I use it.

Do you have a favorite cartoon characterI feel like a doof, but I really don’t have one. I was never much into cartoons.

Coffee or teaCoffee. Black. We have a wet bar in our bedroom (everyone should – it’s amazing!) and a coffeemaker that grinds beans and then brews coffee. Beans grinding makes for a fantastic alarm clock.

What time do you go to bedWe usually head upstairs around 11, then we ignore all expert advice and play with the dog and play games on our phone for an hour or so. Lights out is usually around midnight.

Fave Reality TV showTop Chef or Project Runway. Impossible to choose.

What is something we’d be surprised to know about you? I am Chairman of the Board of a little non-profit that did – Save Fenway Park! Most people no longer recall that Fenway was going to be torn down in the early 00’s. We fought like hell for 10 years and managed to pour enough sand in the gears of “progress” to make sure Fenway was still here when Mr. Henry – and his $800 million – bought the Red Sox and decided to renovate America’s Greatest Ballpark. The phone call from the Red Sox telling me that they had decided to renovate will always be a highlight of my life.

Who would you like to have as a Dinner guest Besides JSS (cuz that would be awesome!)? I’m a history and U.S. Constitution geek so I’d love to be able to have Thomas Jefferson and James Madison over and pick their brains about the Constitution and the Federalist Papers. Anyone reading this still awake? J

F Marry Kill…Jenn, Hannah, Ally or Denis, Alex, Cody

F Denis or Alex

M Ally

K None of the above – they’re all awesome!

Anything else you’d like to share? –

I went to UConn – during the Big East’s glory days – and I’m a rabid Husky fan. Which is why JSS always gets a snarky comment from me (that she can’t hear, of course) when she talks about Syracuse during rides. But I save my nastiest comments for when JSS tells us it’s time for yet another climb!

I love this bike and I love this tribe. If anyone had told me that when I put a bike in my basement that it would lead me to new, meaningful friendships with people I would otherwise have never met? I’d have laughed – how can a bike that goes nowhere do that? Now I know. And I preach the Pelotruth to anyone who will stand still long enough to listen. The bike that goes nowhere will take you everywhere!