Who is Kenny_Bania and does he really feel that soup is not a meal????

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First and foremost explain what is your leaderboard name and what is it’s genesis : Kenny_Bania

I’ve always been a huge Seinfeld fan and Kenny Bania was one of those funny support characters that always cracked me up. When I got my first email account, I used kennybania as the handle and always used that name in online message boards, chat forums, etc.

Bania always made me laugh because he was totally clueless about how bad of a comedian he was and how much Jerry disliked him. My favorite episode is ‘The Soup” where Kenny gives Jerry a brand new Armani suit for free but then manages to get him to take him out for dinner at Mendy’s but then isn’t hungry and just orders soup and wants to save the meal for another time.

I always love quoting Bania in everyday life and like to use his catchphrases, ‘The Best!’ and ‘That’s GOLD!’ whenever possible. I really don’t think that soup counts as a meal…..even if you crumble crackers!

Personal Info:

Name: John Prewitt

Where do You live? This past summer we moved to the Ann Arbor, Michigan area from Austin, Texas after 9 years there. I originally grew up in Summit, NJ.

Married/Single? Been married 12 years to my wife, Jackie.

Kids/Grandkids: 1 son – One and done with a high spirited, strawberry blonde haired 6-year-old named, Jackson.

Pets? A 12 year old chocolate labradoodle named, Addison.

Working/Retired? I work from home, full-time as an advertising analyst for LPL Financial. I review investment related advertising/marketing material for independent financial advisors, to ensure it meets regulatory/content standards.

Do you have a motto in which you live by? “One day at a time” and “This too shall pass”

  • How long have you had your bike – My Peloversary is 7/26/17
  • Where in your home do you ride – While we are waiting for our house to be built in Michigan, we are living in an apartment and the bike is right in our living room. It will soon be going into the finished basement of our new home in about a week, God willing!
  • What is your favorite Color – Blue
  • What is your favorite food – Steak, medium rare
  • What is your favorite TV Show – Seinfeld. It’s the BEST!
  • Have you ever ridden in studio – Yes, I did my first ride on 1/28/18. I took rides with Jenn, Denis and Alex, that week – all in the front row!
  • Who would you like to ride with – Trey Anastasio. I’m a huge Phish fan and have seen almost forty-noine shows since 1994. Would be fun to ride with Trey and see all the funny faces he would make.
  • Guilty Pleasure – Superman ice cream, Dots candy and Dr. Pepper
  • Favorite Curse word – Fuck
  • Favorite musician – Jerry Garcia
  • Morning or night – Night, although I always ride in the morning/mid-day.
  • Last Book You Read – Parenting with Love & Logic
  • Who’s the Last Person who texted you – Jenn Sherman – just kidding! My    best friend, Corey in New Jersey
  • Favorite App – SiriusXM for Howard Stern or LivePhish to listen to the latest shows
  • Favorite Sport – Ice Hockey
  • Favorite Sports Team – New Jersey Devils & Michigan Football (GO BLUE!)
  • Fave Alcoholic Beverage – I just recently celebrated 20 years of sobriety. I’ve never had a legal drink and been on the wagon since I was 20.
  • What Color is your toothbrush – It’s a white Burst.
  • Do you have a favorite cartoon character – Sylvester the cat
  • Coffee or tea – Don’t drink either but I like Crystal Light (Target brand Market Pantry), grape flavor with energy, in the morning.
  • What time do you go to bed – Between 11-12
  • Fave Reality TV show – Not into reality tv, but if my wife has the Bachelor/Bachelorette on, I will have a laugh at it.
  • What is something we’d be surprised to know about you? I’ve been an extra in several movies including, “The Dark Knight”, “The Express”, “Bernie” (with Jack Black), as well as the tv show “Friday Night Lights”.

I’ve called into the Howard Stern show a few times. The last time was just before our son was born in 2012 and spent almost 15 minutes talking to Howard about parenting and America’s Got Talent. You can hear the call here: https://youtu.be/kk0KUwiE8cw

  • Dinner guest – Jenn Sherman, Howard Stern and Gary Dell’Abate – We would have a NOINE course meal
  • Marry/F/Kill-Robin Arzon, Jenn Sherman or JJ OR Matt Wilpers, Alex T. or Denis: Marry Jenn (she’s my wife from another life!), F JJ and Kill Robin.

Anything else you’d like to share? I love the sense of fellowship in this tribe and the community of people from all walks of life that come together with a common interest in the bike that goes nowhere, and so much more. This tribe (and the Menaces) has definitely helped me to become more engaged in wanting to live a healthier life and share in the gospel that is Peloton. I have connected with so many amazing people from all over, whom I have yet to meet in person but feel like I know so well. If seeing my LB name makes you smile or gives you a chuckle, then I’m happy.