Who is BunnyFooFoo? Let’s Find Out!

Leaderboard Get To Know You

First and foremost explain what is your leaderboard name and what is it’s genesis

This is tough. I am not sure I should explain it in its entirety. Let’s just say, it was a nickname an old boyfriend used to call me (Bunny), I’ll let you try and figure that part out and then he proceeded to send me Youtube videos of BunnyFooFoo. Thinking he was sharing something “new” to me, but, who doesn’t know the tale/song right?! It used to be Princess BunnyFooFoo, but I shortened it when I had to make my LB name.

Personal Info:

Name: Deneen Salvaggio

Where do You live? An extremely hick town in Orange County N.Y. less than an hour from NYC.

Married/Single? Single

Kids/Grandkids 3 Morgan (23), Lindsey (almost 21) and Zachary 11

Pets? Manny (cat) 14 and Daisy (5) Yellow Lab

Working/Retired? I used to work for Readers Digest in Pleasantville NY before Morgan was born, as a Quality Assurance Analyst. The BEST job and company out there at the time. I left after Morgan was born with complications in utero, that resulted in her severe mental disabilities. She has been my job, as well as raising Lindsey and Zachary, for a long time. I wouldn’t change it for anything in this world.


Do you have a motto in which you live by? “It’s not the time in your life, it’s the life in your time”. I choose to live every day like there isn’t a tomorrow. Not in a careless way, but, I have learned so much patience in my lifetime and I try and make every day count. Though, I’ll admit, I am still that person who swears profusely if you are in the left lane cruising along, when clearly you need to be in the right!

1) How long have you had your bikeNovember 27 will be 1 year.

2) Where in your home do you rideI have an office that I am just now starting to paint, rip up carpet and put new flooring down and make it my own space to ride. It has double doors, so I can shut them when I ride and blast my music.

3) What is your favorite Color Red

4) What is your favorite foodSushi, breakfast, lunch but I’d change it up and have sashimi for dinner.

5) What is your favorite TV ShowOh geez.. I am a HUGE American Horror Story fan. I have loved every season except Cult. Hated ittttttt! I turn off all the lights and see if it can scare the shit out of me. Sometimes it gets close.

6) Have you ever ridden in studioYes, several times. I absolutely LOVE going down to be with friends and meeting new ones.

7) Who would you like to ride withThere are so many “friends” I’ve met through this amazing community that I haven’t met yet. I’d love to ride with every single one of them.

8) Guilty PleasureThis is funny, because I never feel guilty about anything I enjoy.

9) Favorite Curse wordDouche’ Canoe (A term I use for men as well as women)

10) Favorite musicianMy all time fav is Phil Collins, yet, in the 90’s, I swore if Kurt Cobain would have married me, he would still be alive today!

11) Morning or night I ‘m an all day kind of person. I go with what feels right.

12) Last Book You Read –. It’s Always the Husband by Michele Campbell

13) Who’s the Last Person who texted youChris

14) Favorite AppPinterest right now because its cheesecake baking season!

15) Favorite Sport Hockey

16) Favorite Sports TeamIslanders

17) Fave Alcoholic BeverageTito’s, tonic, with a lime

18) What Color is your toothbrushgreen

19) Do you have a favorite cartoon characterI LOVE Clyde from The Loud House, But, hate when his nose bleeds!

20) Coffee or teaC-O-F-F-E-E! All day, every day.

21) What time do you go to bed11 ish- Depends on if the book I am reading is good.

22) Fave Reality TV showIf you have never seen 90 Day Fiance’ or Before The Ninety Days? You are missing out the most annoying, dysfunctional, idiotic, disgusting, yet totally hilarious shows out there. Yet, I just can’t look away! Shame on me!

23) What is something we’d be surprised to know about you? I was a tomboy growning up. Out of three girls, I am the middle child and was always the “ fan” favorite. I did every boy thing there was with my dad. Fishing was our favorite. We used to take boat trips for the day when he lived in SC and I would show people near us how to bait the hooks while they sat there in horror because I was actually touching live bait with pretty nails.

24) Dinner guestI would absolutely LOVE a huge dinner party at my house with all of the TripleP’s together.

25) Marry/F/Kill- Marry-Jenn /F CODY (or at least die trying)/ Kill- CDE (don’t let me start).

Anything else you’d like to share? My bike and this tribe arrived in my life exactly when I needed it the most. There are reasons for everything. I truly believe this. You are ALL meant to be in my life for one reason or another. I am honored to be here among all of you awesome people and especially Jenn, who is the reason I have become one of the addicts to this bike that goes nowhere.