Leaderboard Get To Know You

First and foremost explain what is your leaderboard name and what is it’s genesis

My dad has always been my biggest fan. Growing up he called me Graybird, I was tall with these lanky legs. When I was trying to think of a LB name I wanted it to be a name that meant something to me and would motivate me to keep going. What better than a nickname my dad gave me, the person who still encourages me to do my best and just try even as an adult.

Personal Info:

Name: Gray Beard (I can’t make this shit up! Random people laugh when I give them my but that’s ok because I can’t say it with a straight face either)

Where do You live?  In a suburb of Charlotte NC called Fort Mill SC.

Married/Single? Married

Kids/Grandkids I have one daughter who is 10 and triplet step children who are 13

Pets? No

Working/Retired? I am a kindergarten teacher.

Do you have a motto in which you live by? What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. (Even before Kelly Clarkson turned it into a song!)

  1. How long have you had your bike – Since March of 2017

  2. Where in your home do you ride – In the kids playroom. Not ideal but the only place for the bike. Want to see them scatter quickly, they hate when I take a ride!

  3. What is your favorite Color – Grey and Navy Blue

  4. What is your favorite food – Pizza, I could eat it for every meal every day.

  5. What is your favorite TV Show – I have two past shows I love, Felicity and 6 Feet Under

  6. Have you ever ridden in studio – Yes and I can’t wait to get back!

  7. Who would you like to ride with – Stephen Pitts, we ride virtually together all the time, I’d love to ride in the studio together.

  8. Guilty Pleasure – Cookies

  9. Favorite Curse word – Fuck

  10. Favorite musician – This is hard because I love music so much. Van Morrison is one I never get tired of listening to. The Rolling Stones, old school Dave Matthews, currently I listen to the songs Africa and 9-5 every day on the way to work. They both get me to wake the F up and get ready for a classroom full of 5 and 6 year olds!

  11. Morning or night – Depends on what we are talking about here…..

  12. Last Book You Read – Leopard At The Door. Not a great read but I have to finish what I start

  13. Who’s the Last Person who texted you – JulieAnne Kight (SCJewels) Honest to God she is the first and last text on my phone daily. We really are best friends, not just in the Tribe!

  14. Favorite App – Instagram

  15. Favorite Sport – I love watching Winter X games

  16. Favorite Sports Team – Carolina Panthers

  17. Fave Alcoholic Beverage – good local beer

  18. What Color is your toothbrush –  Gold, I’m fancy like that

  19. Do you have a favorite cartoon character – Dory from Finding Nemo

  20. Coffee or tea – Coffee lots of coffee, I teach 5 year olds!

  21. What time do you go to bed – Between 9-9:30 during the week so I can ride at 4:30.

  22. Fave Reality TV show – Real Housewives of NYC, total train wreck that I can’t help but watch.

  23. What is something we’d be surprised to know about you? I graduated college with a degree in writing. I am still holding on to the dream that I’ll be a published author one day.

  24. Dinner guest – Meryl Streep. She is my all time favorite actress and there is so much I want to ask her.

25) Marry/F/Kill-Robin Arzon, Jenn Sherman or JJ OR Matt Wilpers, Alex T. or Denis I can’t even begin to answer this

Anything else you’d like to share? I really am as happy as all my pictures or rather sweaty selfies show. I like to call this period of life my second life. It took being really unhappy and in a really difficult situation to get here though. Every day I give thanks for the new life I have created for my daughter and myself but without those trying times I wouldn’t have such a great appreciation for all the goodness now. Peloton and the JSSTribe have played a HUGE part in getting me here, without all of you life would feel a little less full!