Who doesn’t love a Wine Loving Nurse?

Leaderboard Get To Know You

First and foremost explain what is your leaderboard name and what is it’s genesis

#WineLovingNurse…..initially my name started off as something totally different but on my birthday ride with JSS, she called out CORNnurse and I thought….hmmmm, need something different.  So I put together Wine (a daily food), Love (which we all need) and Nurse (which I am)

Personal Info: 

Name: Joann Buster

Where do You live?  Windsor, CO

Married/Single? Married to #SpinningMailman for 19 years

Kids/Grandkids:  One kid, he’s going to be 19 this December

Pets? A black lab named Louie

Working/Retired?  Work as an RN

Do you have a motto in which you live by?  Treat others the way you would want to be treated

1.How long have you had your bike  9 months

2.Where in your home do you ride – Our “cardio studio” in the basement

3. What is your favorite Color – Green ( and White

4. What is your favorite food – Gluten Free

5. What is your favorite TV Show  Downton Abbey

6. Have you ever ridden in studio – No but can’t wait to

7. Who would you like to ride with – JSS, CDE and Denis

8. Guilty Pleasure – Ice Cream

9. Favorite Curse word – There are so many but you can use the “F” word in so many ways!

10. Favorite musician – Billy Joel

11. Morning or night – Morning

12. Last Book You Read –.  Martha Grimes

13. Who’s the Last Person who texted you – My best friend Amy

14. Favorite App – Facebook

15. Favorite Sport – Hockey

16. Favorite Sports Team – Michigan State Spartans

17. Fave Alcoholic Beverage – Good Red Wine

18. What Color is your toothbrush -Green

19. Do you have a favorite cartoon character – Snoopy

20. Coffee or tea – Coffee

21. What time do you go to bed – 9pm

22. Fave Reality TV show – Hells Kitchen

23. What is something we’d be surprised to know about you?   I have been in a movie.  I was in Starship Troopers

24. Dinner guest – My ideal dinner guest would be to have dinner with my Daddy one more time

25.  Marry/F/Kill-Robin Arzon, Jenn Sherman or JJ OR Matt Wilpers, Alex T. or Denis . I would totally kill Robin during a Tabata class over 20 minutes, Go surfing with Denis, Rap with Alex, laugh with Matt, Play 80’s with JJ and challenge JSS to a sing along!   

 I have realized that I can cry and ride a bike at the same time!