Lindsay Rae…WHO IS SHE?

Leaderboard Get To Know You

First and foremost explain what is your leaderboard name and what is it’s genesis

#LindsayRae Nothing creative here….my full name is Lindsay Rae Cirrincione

Personal Info:

Name: Lindsay Cirrincione

Where do You live? Aurora (western suburb of Chicago), Illinois

Married/Single? Married for 10 years to my awesome hubby, Nick (#CoachNick18)

Kids/Grandkids 2 girls – Olivia (7) and Katie Jo (4)

Pets? None…we are not pet people, sorry!

Working/Retired? I am in my 15th year as a high school math teacher and musical choreographer. I was the head poms/dance team coach at my school for 6 years before having kids. I have choreographed the last 14 musicals at my school and I love it! J

Do you have a motto in which you live by? “Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act.” Proverbs 3:27

  • How long have you had your bike – Almost 23 months (since March 2017)
  • Where in your home do you ride – In my unfinished basement, which is pretty much a big playroom for my kiddos
  • What is your favorite Color – Red
  • What is your favorite food – Pizza
  • What is your favorite TV Show – Sex and the City….I can quote every episode
  • Have you ever ridden in studio – Yes! I have been to the mothership three times so far with my bestie of almost 29 years, Annie Simons (#AnnieS). The first time we went was in January of 2017 and I didn’t own my bike yet. I actually had never even taken a spin class before and Annie signed us both up for Jenn’s Sunday morning 45 minute rhythm ride. After that ride, I was hooked and I bought my bike 2 months later. Annie and I now have an annual NYC trip, so we went in January 2018 and rode with JSS and Cody and then we went this past January 2019 and rode with JSS, Cody, Alex, and Denis. Annie rode her 2000th ride and I rode my 600th ride with JSS and it was awesome! J
  • Who would you like to ride with – JSS of course….Cody again, Robin, Ally, CDE, Jess….all of them! They all rock!
  • Guilty Pleasure – Queso from Chili’s
  • Favorite Curse word – Hell as in “Oh hell no”
  • Favorite musician – John Mayer…I love when JSS talks about him and plays his songs!
  • Morning or night – Morning….I wake up at 3:30am Monday through Friday to ride before school. I know I am crazy! LOL
  • Last Book You Read – “A Spark of Light” by Jodi Picoult. I love all her books!
  • Who’s the Last Person who texted you – My mom…she is the best!
  • Favorite App – Instagram
  • Favorite Sport – Baseball
  • Favorite Sports Team – Chicago Cubs…Go Cubs Go!
  • Fave Alcoholic Beverage – Cider
  • What Color is your toothbrush – Pink
  • Do you have a favorite cartoon character – Woody from Toy Story
  • Coffee or tea – Tea
  • What time do you go to bed – Between 8:45pm and 9pm (for my early morning ride, remember?)
  • Fave Reality TV show – I love reality TV….Big Brother, Bachelor/Bachelorette, SYTYCD, Dancing with the Stars, etc…
  • What is something we’d be surprised to know about you? My birthday is on September 9th (9-9) and so every year (since 2000) my birthdate adds up to my age….so this past year was 9-9-18 and 9+9+18=36 and I turned 36 this year! This high school math teacher LOVES this! I tell my students about it every year! J
  • Dinner guest – Lin-Manuel Miranda…I am obsessed with him
  • Marry/F/Kill-Robin Arzon, Jenn Sherman or JJ OR Matt Wilpers, Alex T. or Denis I can’t do it! I really love them all!

I absolutely love Peloton and I love this tribe! All of you and our fearless leader, Jenn, inspire me and motivate me every day. Last year in March of 2018 on my one year peloversary, I shared on the OPP that I bought my peloton 2.5 months after my precious Dad passed away. He and I were extremely close and now 25 months after his passing, I am still heartbroken and devastated. I use this bike as therapy every day as I am grieving and mourning his loss. One of the signs that shows me that my Dad is with me is that I see his name everywhere…on TV, on signs while driving, in commercials, etc… His name is Royal and he went by Roy. There have been numerous times that I have seen a leaderboard name while riding with “Roy” or “Royal” in it. This is so special to me as it is a sign that my Dad is watching over me…even when I am riding. Thank you for reading! J