Let’s Get to Know…Jamie Herz!

Leaderboard Get To Know You

First and foremost explain what is your leaderboard name and what is it’s genesis

My leaderboard name is #selfcare.  I bought my bike three years ago and at first I called myself #hochie but I ultimately thought that was lame and changed it to #selfcare.  It’s like a mantra for me.  I figured if I named myself that and saw it everyday it would motivate me to regularly care for myself.  It’s been a moderately successful plan 😊

Personal Info:

Name: Jamie Hochman Herz

Where do You live?  Ann Arbor, MI

Married/Single? Married

Kids/Grandkids – Three kids.  One boy- 14 and two girls – 11 and nine

Pets? A crazy, but the loviest black labradoodle, a 15 year old cat that just wishes the labradoodle who constantly wants to play with him would leave him the hell alone, and two guinea pigs that are relegated to a dark, dreary, pitch black room in the basement while my kids do the bare minimum so that I don’t give them away.  Anyone want some guinea pigs?

Working/Retired?  I work full-time for the Alzheimer’s Association, as a Program Director.  I am an attorney and a social worker and have worked at nonprofits for my entire career.  Have gone back and forth between practicing as an attorney and as a social worker.  Variety is the spice of life :). 

Do you have a motto in which you live by?

“I’m on a seafood diet – if I see it, I eat it.”  O.k., that is not my motto but it was my senior yearbook quote – for reals – and I’m happy to say that I live by that motto every damn day 😂. Seriously though, I think it’s to live your life as if it’s one giant adventure.  I am not the bravest or the most fearless, but I often take chances and embrace new experiences with enthusiasm and positivity. 

How long have you had your bike –  I have had my bike for over three years.  I basically saw an internet ad and thought “that is the coolest concept I’ve ever seen” and bought it a few days later.  Yes, I can be impulsive, but I also embrace my “life’s motto” and am enthusiastic about new things!  I won’t actually tell you how long it took me to ride it regularly though…

Where in your home do you ride?  My basement.  It used to be a dance studio so I get to watch myself in the full length wall mirror when I ride.  It’s especially fun when I’m sweating my a** off and feel like I’m going to puke 😉

What is your favorite color – yellow!  But, wouldn’t I be much cooler if I said something like “magenta or “sea green”?

What is your favorite food – French fries.  

What is your favorite TV Show – Six Feet Under

Have you ever ridden in studio – Yes! 

Who would you like to ride with – my husband!  Wish he would get on the damn bike 🙂

Guilty Pleasure – Naps!

Favorite Curse word – “Gosh Nabbet” – no that is my dad’s favorite curse word 😂 – I like “Fuckity Fuck Fuck”

Favorite musician – O.K, Kristy’s going to kill me but I can’t answer this question as asked – must be the lawyer in me.  So, here we go:

1960s: Joni Mitchell
1970s: James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac
1980s: Prince, Depeche Mode, Smiths
1990s: Sarah McLachlan (my poor husband had to go to so many Lilith Fair concerts)
2000s: Eminem
2010s: Hmm, right now I don’t really have a favorite, but I love Beck and The Head and the Heart
Morning or night – Night!
 Last Book You Read – Born a Crime, Trevor Noah
Who’s the Last Person who texted you – my son
Favorite App –  Facebook or Amazon
Favorite Sport – College Football!
Favorite Sports Team –  University of Michigan Wolverines – despite the fact that I still have a paper bag over my head from our last atrocious performance against OSU
Fave Alcoholic Beverage –  Margaritas
What Color is your toothbrush – White
Do you have a favorite cartoon character –  Edna from the Incredibles 😁
Coffee or tea – Both but coffee has a slight edge
What time do you go to bed – 12:00 am
Fave Reality TV show –  I forget the name of them but I seriously love the show/s where they show people with rare medical conditions from around the world  (like the man who looked like a tree) and try to treat them.  The grosser, the better.  I know, I’m weird but I should have been a doctor as I find all of that stuff fascinating…
What is something we’d be surprised to know about you? I have severe performance anxiety – that despite being able to attend HRI last year on my own and talk with “strangers” for three days my extroversion doesn’t protect me from serious anxiety whenever I sing in front of a group.  I love to sing and feel like I never lived up to my potential because I could never sing as well in front of others as I can when I sing alone  🙁
Dinner guest – Lin-Manuel Miranda.  I would love to pick a contemporary creative genius’s brain.


Marry/F/Kill-Robin Arzon, Jenn Sherman  or JJ OR Matt Wilpers, Alex T. or Denis

    Marry: Matt

    Kill: Robin

    F:  Denis “Fuckity Fuck Fuck” baby!  😂

    Bestie: Jenn (that’s a new category I just   

      made up, but I’d probably marry her too.  


Anything else you’d like to share?

My favorite movie!  It’s Cinema Paradiso.  I love that movie so, so much. 

And, I love this Tribe.  Thanks for making the bike so much fun!  


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