Jen Petty (#jenpetty21) – Spinathon for WISE


On March 23, I will be participating in a four hour spinathon for a wonderful cause.

Located in Lebanon, NH, “WISE is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting people and communities impacted by domestic violence, sexual violence and stalking. WISE leads the Upper Valley to end gender-based violence through survivor-centered advocacy, prevention, education and mobilization for social change. WISE offers a confidential and free 24-hour crisis line, peer support groups and workshops, emergency shelter and transitional housing, safety planning and accompaniment to hospitals, police stations, court houses and other social service agencies. The Prevention and Education Program works with youth, professionals, and the community to develop relevant and comprehensive prevention strategies. WISE is committed to engaging everyone in learning to recognize and eliminate the root causes of violence.”

Their employees and volunteers work tirelessly to help battered women and to help bring programs to the classrooms to help teach students about prevention and consent.

For more information on WISE, check out their website:

GoFundMe link:

Thanks for your consideration!

Jen Petty


Linda Seltzer (#Lindalous1026) Riding for “Cycle for Survival”

Hi There

Jenn is one of my favorite teachers, and I love being a part of the tribe. I’m raising money for Cycle for Survival, and my link and page are listed below. I would greatly appreciate any size donation, as rare cancers have affected my immediate family… I’ve written about it in my link; but, I lost my brother at age 40 to brain cancer, along with other members of my family. I grew up in NY and am planning to go back late July, and can’t wait to hopefully meet Jenn and take a class or two while I am back there. I have had my Peloton just over a year, and love it so much!!! What an incredible community.

Thank you very much for considering

Linda Seltzer #Lindalous1026

Linda Seltzer’s Cycle for Survival Donation Page

Jenn’s Men – JSS Tribe Calendar Available!

From #StephenP:


We have some very important info for all JSS Tribers………

😂The #Jenn’sMen Calendar is ready to order!!! 😂

Cassandra & I had such a good time putting this together with pics from a group of fun-spirited fellas who have such a heart-melting love for our Tribal Leader.

The link below should take you to Shutterfly’s ordering portal. I believe the lead time, after ordering, is 5-7 days.

(NOTE – if that link doesn’t work, try this one and click on the “View” button – Busta)

#GinsTwin, David Barnett, has organized an in-studio ride that a group of us are flying in for on Sunday, 2/24, (JSS Mixed Tape Ride)
which we will present Jenn with her copy of the calendar afterwards, so we ask that we keep this from Jenn so as to make it a surprise.


GoFundMe for Hannah Marie Corbin’s mother

Our friends Paige and Nancy have started a GoFundMe campaign for Hannah’s mom:

Greetings, Tribe!!! Wasn’t that another great JSS Live segment? I just love those :). I would like to throw our house into the hat for an “On the Road” segment! But wait until the pool is open and up to temp! Hell, we can even make a cooking segment out of it – I’ll cook on my Big Green Egg!!! But I digress..

As you may have heard, another one of our amazing instructors, had some great news recently. Hannah Marie Corbin’s mom Sharon recently underwent surgery for a kidney transplant. She had been waiting for quite a while for this miraculous gift, and I believe it happened last week! I am so very relieved for Hannah and her family, but there are still hurdles they will have to jump over. Organ transplantation is an amazing gift, but also stressful on many levels.

I know this firsthand, as my father was the recipient of a kidney from a living donor back in October of 2004. Nancy and I were with he and his wife the entire time, and for a while after the surgery. It is pretty darn incredible to witness the gift of an organ given willingly by a living donor. I honestly do not know if I could be so unselfish… There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to transplantation, and with these unknowns can come a lot of expenses. This is where Nancy and I would like to join forces to help Hannah and her family.

Nancy and I would like to invite any JSS Tribe members who would like to help, to make a donation to a Go Fund Me page that was set up about 10 months ago for Hannah’s mom. Nancy and I will match any donation made between now and February 1st by JSS Tribe members dollar for dollar up to $5,000.00. In order to signal us that the donation was made by a JSS Tribe member, please use the hashtag #JSSTribeforHMC . . . On February 1st, we will match the contributions of this tribe. You can donate anonymously if you like, just make sure you use the hashtag in the comments section – along with any other message you would like to send to Hannah and her family.

Our Peloton family is amazing, and we all pull together when needed. Let’s show a little Tribe-to-Tribe love!!! Thank you all so very much for your amazing support – always!!!