This week…Let’s get to know: CAPTAIN TOM LEBEL

Leaderboard Get To Know You

First and foremost explain the genesis of your leaderboard name…


In 2001 my ex was pregnant with our first and I quit my job. Not knowing what I was going to do. I thought about personal chef but found it difficult to manage. I had a 36’ Sailboat in the backyard. So I decided I would take people out for a 3 hour sail and then anchor and serve them a gourmet 4 course meal. To pull this off I would need to sit for a 2 day test to become a licensed Captain. So post 9/11 I went to the Coast Guard Station in Manhattan and took the test. From the moment I passed the business started. It was the best 5 years of my life. That’s when I became CaptTom.

Personal Info:

Name: Tom Lebel

Where do You live? Toms River NJ

Married/Single? Single

Kids/Grandkids? 2 kids 14 girl Morgan and 16 Madison now goes by Matt

Pets? None

Working/Retired? I work in sales for Caplugs

Motto in which you live by? If the wind changes, don’t change the direction of your journey adjust your sails and adapt

  • How long have you had your bike – 2 years 1 month
  • Where in your home do you ride – master bedroom
  • What is your favorite Color – Blue
  • What is your favorite food – sushi
  • What is your favorite TV Show – Seal Team or Sherlock
  • Have you ever ridden in studio – yes often
  • Who would you like to ride with – Everyone
  • Guilty Pleasure – pan seared Duck Breast
  • Favorite Curse word – Fuck
  • Favorite musician – Mumford and Sons
  • Morning or night – morning, wait sex or ride?…. morning ride sex anytime
  • Last Book You Read – Dan Brown Digital Fortress
  • Who’s the Last Person who texted you – Dena
  • Favorite App – Facebook
  • Favorite Sport – Hockey
  • Favorite Sports Team – Devils
  • Fave Alcoholic Beverage – Guinness
  • What Color is your toothbrush – white
  • Do you have a favorite cartoon character – Roger Rabbit
  • Coffee or tea – coffee
  • What time do you go to bed – 11
  • Fave Reality TV show – The Bachelor
  • What is something we’d be surprised to know about you? I love to cook
  • Who would you like to have as a Dinner guest – Jennifer Aniston
  • F Marry Kill…Jenn, Hannah, Ally or Denis, Alex, Cody marry Jenn, F JJ, Kill Alex

Anything else you’d like to share?

I love singing in Jenn’s Classes. First time ever in Studio with Jenn I find myself sitting next to Jason Rosenberg and Seasons of Love comes on, we broke into full voice, the energy in that room was amazing. I think Getty and Ben were there too.


DEB DENBURG isn’t JUST Jason’s Mom…want to know more? Check it Out!

The genesis of my leaderboard name:

Endorphins are called simply the body’s “ feel good” chemical. When they are released you get a natural boost in mood, energy and as well helps to relieve stress. Exercise is known to be a key method to help get your endorphins flowing. For me spinning does this hence the leaderboard name “EndorphinRush “ was perfect!

Personal information:

Name: Debbie Denburg

Where do you live: Warren,NJ

Married/ Single:   Married since 1989 to Eric Denburg

Kids:   2 Jason age 27, Brian age 24

Pets: Puppy. “Yogi” schicon (shitzu bichon mix)

Work: Bookkeeping P/T Mountainside NJ

College: Emory University Business degree Finance 1983 graduation

Motto in which live by:

“Fake people have an image to maintain, Real people just don’t care”

“Remember you don’t need a certain number of friends, just a number you can be certain of.”

Family motto: “ If you work hard and try hard good things will happen”

  1. How long have you had your bike?   Oct 2014
  2. Where in your home do you ride?   Basement Gym
  3. What is your favorite color? Black for clothes other Purple
  4. What is your fav food?   Sushi
  5. What is your favorite TV show? This is us
  6. Have you ever ridden in studio? Absolutely!!!
  7. Who would you like to ride with? Anyone who can handle my craziness
  8. Guilty pleasure.   Candy/ Ice Cream
  9. Favorite curse word.   Fuck ( it just works!)
  10. Fav musician.     Billy Joel
  11. Morning or night? Definitely not a morning person
  12. Las book you Read. hmmm???? not a big reader #sorrynotsorry
  13. Last person who texted you? Jason Denburg
  14. Fav App ??? Duh-Peloton
  15. Favorite sport. College Hoops
  16. Favorite sports Teams.   NY Yankees and NY Giants
  17. Fave alcoholic beverage.     Scotch or Tito’s Vodka ( not a big drinker)
  18. What color is your toothbrush? Purple and white
  19. Fav cartoon character. Myself just kidding I guess Smurfs
  20. Coffee or tea.     Coffee definitely tea only when sick
  21. What time do you go to bed. around 1 am
  22. Fave reality TV show.     The Voice
  23.  What is something we’d be surprised to know about you?  Like to talk and meet people but definitely not great before noon. My friends don’t even call me before 10:00 am
  24. Dinner guest: Actually nobody in particular even my family doesn’t like me to cook so whoever it would be would have to be enjoy take out

Anything else you’d like to share:

To my friends and family I have always been described as an “open book”. What you see is what you get. My birthday falls under the zodiac sign “Leo” which is fitting for my personality. I tend to express myself boldly and definitely wear my heart on my sleeve. On a good day I possess many of the characteristics of a Leo namely, I am energetic, talkative, entertaining (love to make others laugh), loyal and nakedly honest. On a bad day I can definitely have a jealous streak which I try to battle within myself.

JILL PARKER…You Think You Know Her, but DO YOU?

First and foremost explain the genesis of your leaderboard name:

I have a sign in my office that says “laugh as much as you breathe.” It was a gift from a dear friend who knows that I love to laugh, all the time.   I tweaked it a bit to fit on the LB.  

Personal Info:

Name:  Jill Parker  but people know me on Facebook as Jill Rowan Pahkah. Pahkah is the Maine pronunciation of Parker.  

Where do You live?  Camden, Maine

Married/Single?  Married to Mark Parker #Markerparker on the LB

Kids/Grandkids?  Mark and I have three kids. “Yours, mine and ours”   Michaela is 23 and she is from Mark’s first marriage. Kayleigh, 18 is from my first marriage and Matthew, 14 is ours together.

Pets?  We have a mutt named Jefe, a Beagle named Putty and a cat named Meow

Working/Retired? I work as the Executive Director of Client Support at athenahealth

Motto in which you live by?   Humble with just a hint of Kanye

  • How long have you had your bike – I got my bike in December 2016.
  • Where in your home do you ride –  Third Floor PeloRoom
  • What is your favorite Color – Blue
  • What is your favorite food – Spaghetti and Meatballs (my homemade “gravy”)
  • What is your favorite TV Show – The West Wing
  • Have you ever ridden in studio – yes, many times
  • Who would you like to ride with – Any time I get to ride with JSS I am happy
  • Guilty Pleasure –  dark chocolate dipped in jif peanut butter
  • Favorite Curse word –   Motherfucker
  • Favorite musician – I love too many, but Adam Levine is pretty high up there
  • Morning or night – Morning
  • Last Book You Read – Does the manual to my Vitamix count?
  • Who’s the Last Person who texted you – Markerparker
  • Favorite App – Candy Crush   those candies ain’t gonna crush themselves
  • Favorite Sport – I love to watch golf and I love the olympics
  • Favorite Sports Team – Meh…..not really that into it
  • Fave Alcoholic Beverage – Vodka-Soda
  • What Color is your toothbrush – Pink
  • Do you have a favorite cartoon character – Wile E. Coyote “Super Genius”
  • Coffee or tea – Coffee
  • What time do you go to bed – 11:00 PM
  • Fave Reality TV show – Total Bellas (Guilty Pleasure)
  • What is something we’d be surprised to know about you? I am terrified of flying…..TERRIFIED.   Yet I spend roughly 50 days a year on airplanes because of my crazy, fun, exciting job.  
  • Who would you like to have as a Dinner guest – Pink!
  • F Marry Kill…Jenn, Hannah, Ally or Denis, Alex, Cody     F -Cody, Marry-Hannah (Girl Crush) Kill-None of them

Anything else you’d like to share? I sometimes get sad when I realize that JSS and I were at Syracuse at the same time and never knew each other.   Sigh.

JENNYMSU…Let’s Get to Know YOU this week!

Leaderboard Get To Know You 

First and foremost explain the genesis of your leaderboard name: 


I’m afraid it isn’t that exciting or inspired. While I go by “Jen” to anyone I met after high school, my family and childhood friends all still call me Jenny. The MSU part is pretty easy — I hold both bachelors and masters degrees from Michigan State University and will be a diehard Spartan till the end. Even though they bombed hard during this year’s March Madness. I’m not bitter about it at all. AT ALL. Nope. #lies

Name: Jen Farhat

Where do You live? Hartland, Michigan

Married/Single? I was married for 10 years, but am divorced. The good news is that I’ve been with my “new” boyfriend for about four years (and have known him since I was 19, when we were both at MSU). I’m sincerely hoping he puts a ring on it soon so that I can stop calling him my boyfriend because I’m too old for a damn boyfriend.


Kids/Grandkids? No kids. Mostly by choice (see divorce above) and life circumstances. Would love a child, but at 42, I make a helluva dog mom (see below).

Pets? I’m a dog person through and through. Rosie, the love of my life, is a 6-ish year-old Boston Terrier who I got from a rescue five years ago. We’ve been through a lot together, including her having cancer (and chemo) in 2014. She’s spoiled and flatulent and gives me approximately 16 inches of space in our king-sized bed, but I love her the most. Don’t tell my boyfriend.

Working/Retired? I’m a senior communications advisor for a global insurance carrier — which is a fancy way of saying I’m a writer and project manager who tries to make workers’ compensation insurance seem sexy. I’ve been with my company for 15 years and ask myself at least weekly where my youth went. I’m also a freelance makeup artist, doing mostly weddings. Because free time is for suckers. Just kidding. I just love makeup and am damn good at it (#humblebrag).
If you went to college…what college did you go to? Michigan State (their basketball team will disappoint you)
Motto in which you live by? Lead with your heart. Also with sarcasm.

How long have you had your bike: Since December 2017

Where in your home do you ride: My basement, in the unfinished part where our home gym is. I stare at a water softener. It’s pretty amazing.

What is your favorite Color: Purple.

What is your favorite food: I’m part Lebanese and so raw kibbee (Google it) is among my fave foods. Also sushi. See a theme?

What is your favorite TV Show: Drama = The Newsroom with Jeff Daniels (it’s so good). Comedy = Friends (this show will never NOT hold up for me; it’s still so funny and watchable, which I do daily). Also Nurse Jackie. I like TV.

Have you ever ridden in studio: yes! Had the pleasure of riding #100 with JSS in April and also rode with Ally and Alex that same week.

Who would you like to ride with: All of you. Every last one of you. Wait, do you mean instructor-wise? You probably mean instructor-wise. Jenn, of course, and also Christine and Dennis (among those I haven’t already ridden with).
Guilty Pleasure: Vanderpump Rules on Bravo. It’s literally THE WORST SHOW on television. It’s terrible. I’m dumber for watching it. I love it. 
Favorite Curse word: “Fuck these fucking fuckers,” is a real favorite phrase of mine. It’s said typically in traffic. Or during March Madness. I’m a real lady, guys.
Favorite musician: Fun fact, I thought this said “favorite magician” and I was like, “Well that’s a weird question, but I like it — David Copperfield? I guess?!” My favorite MUSICIAN is Eddie Vedder/Pearl Jam, followed by Ed Sheeran. I have a thing for musicians named Ed, evidently. Also Justin Timberlake, who is not named Ed but gets a pass because, come on.
Morning or night: I’m a solidly midday kind of person.
Last Book You Read: Book 6 of the Harry Potter series, which I can’t remember the name of. I listen to them on Audible while I commute (an hour each way). I’ve been commuting for nearly a year. I’m still not done with the series. These books are LONG. 
Who’s the Last Person who texted you: My dad, asking “how in the hell do I use this damn thing?!” referring to my old iPhone I recently gave him. He had a flip phone until a week ago. He doesn’t understand touch screens and basically butt dials our family constantly now, gets mad and then fails to hang up so we can hear him cursing like a madman. It’s the best. 
Favorite App: Instagram is the one I go to most. My favorite is probably the Sephora app, but it takes all my money so I’m not giving it the satisfaction of the top spot. 
Favorite Sport: College basketball when my team doesn’t miss 14 CONSECUTIVE SHOTS TO LOSE TO AN 11-SEED AND MISS THE SWEET 16. But I’m fine with it. FINE WITH IT.
Favorite Sports Team: MSU Football (suck it, basketball)
Fave Alcoholic Beverage: Champagne, vodka tonics and sour beers (current fave is Short’s Brewery Anniv Ale — it’s a Michigan beer. We do good beer.)
What Color is your toothbrush: It’s white. It’s a Sonicare kind that beeps at me if I don’t brush long enough. It’s very judgey. 
Do you have a favorite cartoon character: I may or may not have a Winnie the Pooh tattoo on my back that I got when I was 19. If this were true, Pooh would be my fave. Ah, youth. And stupidity. 
Coffee or tea: I drink both, but coffee is my preference. We have a fancy new cappuccino machine that I can’t work but if I knew how, I’d tell you that cappuccinos are my favorite. 
What time do you go to bed: We are creatures of habit. That habit includes biding our time until around 8:55, at which point one of us says, “want to go upstairs?,” and the other one nods enthusiastically. Then we both read our phones, defying all sleep experts, for like another hour, then crash around 10. It’s amazing and very sexy.
Fave Reality TV show: Does HGTV count? I love Fixer Upper. Joanna Gaines is my spirit animal. If HGTV doesn’t count, it’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because I’m a terrible human.
What is something we’d be surprised to know about you? My grandpa was a professional wrestler from the 1950s-1990s. His name was The Sheik and he wrestled all over the world. My dad wrestled too but much less famously. Our family friends included people like Andre the Giant. Home movies for me were things like this: (yeah, that baby is me).
Dinner guest: All of the JSS Tribe. Seriously. You guys are rad and I love all of you. I need a bigger table, but we’ll make it work.
Anything else you’d like to share? Just that my motivation for getting the bike was and is to lose about 50 pounds (down 20 so far). I never knew I’d actually GAIN so much more through this amazing community. That was super sappy. I can’t help it.

Lets Get to Know ROX THE RIDE…Roxanne Rodriguez

First and foremost explain the genesis of your leaderboard name…
My name is LB name is #RoxTheRide 
My name is Roxanne I was originally foxyroxy606 (my instagram name) and what my friends call me but I didn’t want to have numbers so I came up with RoxTheRide as a play off of rock the ride
Personal Info:
Name: Roxanne Rodriguez
Where do You live? I just moved from Syosset, NY to East Northport, NY a few months ago
Married/Single? Not married but I’ve been with my boyfriend for 5 years and we have lived together for 2 years
Kids/Grandkids? Not yet
Pets? My boyfriend and I just adopted a dog found on the streets of Texas after hurricane Harvey, he was brought to a kill shelter and rescued to NY. He’s a German Shepard/Hound mix and a total mush
Working/Retired? I work as an IT Project Manager and also for a wellness company educating others about the toxins/chemicals from everyday products and helping to find alternative solutions at a cheaper cost
If you went to college…what college did you go to? Indiana University 2007, go Hoosiers!
Motto in which you live by? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
1)   How long have you had your bike Since December 2016, I contemplated it for several months and wish I did it sooner!
2)   Where in your home do you ride Spare bedroom that eventually will be the Peloton room once I have time to decorate 🙂 
3)   What is your favorite Color Yellow
4)   What is your favorite food Rigatoni a la vodka 
5)   What is your favorite TV Show I’m a real housewives (Bravo) junkie, preferably NYC, OC, NJ, Beverly Hills
6)   Have you ever ridden in studio yes, the first time with Jenn, the second time with Jess (but Jenn was supposed to be teaching that day)
7)   Who would you like to ride with Jenn, Robin, Emma, Ally Love, Jess, Alex
8)   Guilty Pleasure wine and giving up on the arms sections before its over (shhh)
9)   Favorite Curse word – FUCK 
10) Favorite musician – The Beatles, John Mellencamp, Tom Petty
11) Morning or night – used to be morning but lately both, just whenever I can fit it in that’s the beauty of Peloton!
12) Last Book You Read Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty
13) Who’s the Last Person who texted you – my sister to make sure I got home ok in the snow
14) Favorite App – Spotify; thanks to you Kristy 🙂
15) Favorite Sport – Yankees Baseball
16) Favorite Sports Team –
17) Fave Alcoholic Beverage – tequila, club soda with lime (I call a health drink)
18)  What Color is your toothbrush – Purple
19)  Do you have a favorite cartoon character – no 
20)  Coffee or tea – definitely coffee
21)  What time do you go to bed – 11ish
22)  Fave Reality TV show – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
23)  What is something we’d be surprised to know about you? I went to school for finance, hated it and then went into jewelry sales in NYC and somehow wound up in IT. 
24)  Dinner guest – I’d love to host the instructors and of course DJ John Michael
Anything else you’d like to share? I’m an avid boater and snowmobiler. I spend most weekends in the winter upstate in the Adirondacks and my summers are all for boating on the LI sound.