Attention Tribers!
Comment below with your guess as to how many times Jenn will say “JFDI” or “Just Fucking Do It” during her LIVE rides in the month of July (each time for either version will count toward the final total). ONLY ride duration time will count (NOT during warmups prior to the start of the ride, or stretching after). The official tally will ONLY include LIVE RIDES during the month of July 2017; this means that if she records extra studio rides for the OD library, those will NOT be counted in the final total.
The person who guesses the closest without going over will win an official JSSTribe item from the first line of gear to be rolled out soon! (Actual item to be determined, because we’re still finalizing shit, but it’s all JSS stuff, so you know it’ll be fucking cool!).
Your comment MUST be posted BEFORE midnight on Saturday, July 8th. In the event of duplicate guesses, the person who posted their guess first in the comment thread below will be the one counted when verifying a winner.