Jenn’s Men – JSS Tribe Calendar Available!

From #StephenP:


We have some very important info for all JSS Tribers………

😂The #Jenn’sMen Calendar is ready to order!!! 😂

Cassandra & I had such a good time putting this together with pics from a group of fun-spirited fellas who have such a heart-melting love for our Tribal Leader.

The link below should take you to Shutterfly’s ordering portal. I believe the lead time, after ordering, is 5-7 days.

(NOTE – if that link doesn’t work, try this one and click on the “View” button – Busta)

#GinsTwin, David Barnett, has organized an in-studio ride that a group of us are flying in for on Sunday, 2/24, (JSS Mixed Tape Ride)
which we will present Jenn with her copy of the calendar afterwards, so we ask that we keep this from Jenn so as to make it a surprise.