Ask JSS! June 2017

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Thank you guys so much for your interest in learning more about me. Your questions were all great ones!!

Gail Solomon
“What is JSS’s secret when she’s beat and has no energy but is scheduled to teach?”
Of course there are days when I am run down, fatigued and completely “spinned-out”. And although this amazing job doesn’t feel like work 99% of the time, it still is my job. Knowing that all of you look to me for inspiration and motivation keeps me focused even when I’m beat up and exhausted. When the camera turns on and we go live, it’s game on and I try my best to bring it every time. Teaching up there on that stage for this community is pretty f**king amazing so it’s pretty easy to find your A-game when you need to.

Christy Ingle
“What else does she do to round out her workout routine?”
Outside of the miles I accumulate on the bike, I weight train 3 times a week consistently with the incredible John Wardell @ Body Chemistry and recently took my training to a 4th day. I love it and I’m in a really bad mood if I can’t make it to the gym to get my ass kicked by him. Before my beat downs begin, I hit the treadmill for 20 mins-30 before my workout. I’m obsessed with my Fitbit as well and I’m not happy if I don’t get in at least 12k steps a day.

Gray Nicholson Beard

“How do you get your hair to look so amazing?”
Thank you Gray. Ahhhh my hair. So, I do have pretty awesome hair. But it takes a damn village. Lots of maintenance and great products and hours in the color chair (oh you didn’t know I wasn’t a natural blonde?). I’m pretty critical about my appearance and can rip myself apart like the best of them, but I can say with confidence, that I give good hair. The funny thing is, my hair on the daily makes me pretty happy, but I hate it on the bike. I can’t, even after a decade of doing this, figure out what the hell to do with it while riding. As you guys know, I’m knee deep in a no headband/slicked back ponytail phase. For now….

Heidi Collet
“Your quickest go to healthy dinner”
I’m obsessed with those zucchini zoodle noodles. I spray the pan with a good olive oil spray and throw in grilled shrimp, some fresh garlic and some hot pepper flakes. My kids love it too but were starting to get sick of it because I was making it so much.

Jennifer Gavin
“Which stations on XM are preset in my car”
Great question and not surprised that this one came from Jennifer!
Howard Stern 100 is my first preset and the first thing I put on in the morning. I’ve been a Stern die hard since high school. Hits 1 and Z100 are right there for Carly who takes full control when she’s in the car.
E Street Radio, Classic Vinyl, The Pulse, Grateful Dead Radio, The Blend, Pearl Jam Radio and then I’m always adding the limited edition stations. Yacht Rock radio is on around the clock all summer long.

Lucy Regan
“What’s your morning routine before hitting the road to teach on Tuesdays?”
My alarm is set for 5:45am. I roll out of bed and am ready to go pretty quickly. I need 3 changes of clothes for my Tripleplay Tuesday’s, so I lay my clothes out the night before. I throw a tiny bit of makeup on so I don’t scare you guys on camera, throw clothes on and pack my bag. It’s too early for me to get food down so I’ve been bringing 2 hard boiled eggs with me to the studio that I have in my fridge ready to go. I leave myself way more time then necessary on Tuesday mornings, being that at that time of the day, I’m driving into NYC at peak rush hour. Howard doesn’t go on the air live until 7am, so I listen to the replay from the day before until the live show starts.

Angie Reynolds
“Are you ever going to do another DJ ride?”
I would love to and John Michael and I talk about it every time we see each other! I have sadly only done 1! And I had an absolute blast. It just hasn’t happened due to scheduling but I hope to do another sooner rather then later.

Kristen Forrester
“Does your husband ride and what does he think of all of this?”
Many years ago, before I became a certified spin instructor, I was an obsessed spinner like many of you. I reluctantly dragged Brett to spin and he hated it. We went back together a few more times and he just didn’t connect to the workout like all of us have. I don’t have a bike at home but if we did, I’m sure he and the kids would ride.
As far as his thoughts on all that’s going on with Peloton, he can’t get over the growth, thinks it’s crazy (in a positive way) and is totally blown away, as is the rest of my family!

Jennifer Hagen
“What is your skincare routine?”
I’m compulsive about washing my face at least twice a day and sometimes more with all of my exercise and sweat in a given day. I keep it pretty simple. I wash with a Neutragena foaming face wash and then moisturize with whatever I’m using at the time. Right now I’m using an Oil of Olay moisturizer with SPF

Mitzi Walker
“What made you decide to become a spin instructor? What in particular inspired you”.
Getty is correct that my friend Barbara Albert (#barbiedoll on the Peloton leader board) took me to my first spin class at a local studio close to our homes in 2005. I was instantly hooked and went back a 2nd time that week. The music was a HUGE part of it for me (duh) from the get go and that particular instructor that I connected to had very similar musical taste as I did. I loved the sweat this workout gave me and the feeling of being in sync on the bike with the rhythm of the music and others riding beside you. I started spinning 4-5 days a week and shortly after decided that I could do this as well or better then my favorite instructor. I got certified on a Sunday and taught my first class on the following Wednesday to a sold out packed room. The rest is history.

Desiree Bliss
“Has Carly Sherman ever taken your class”
NO!!!! Can you even imagine?!?? When Carly was a little girl, there were days where I would bring her with me and she would sit on the floor playing with her Itouch bored out of her mind. Shirley remember??
Now she’s 14 and has very little desire to clip in. She’s thinks what I’ve done at Peloton is amazing and both of my kids are very proud of me, but she’s more interested in following Alex Toussaint on Instagram then taking my class.

Ashley Krauss
“If you could have any job other than being a Peloton spin instructor, what would it be?”
I wanted to be an MTV VJ more then anything in the world back in the day. And I would have been great at it.

And the final question comes from Brenda Kramer
“Who would be your ultimate foursome to play a round of golf with?”
Great question. Let’s start with this….I wouldn’t want to actually play so my answers aren’t coming from that perspective. Here’s who I want to walk the course with having the freedom to ask any questions I had:

No explanation necessary

I’d have the most to discuss with him. Especially now.

After the stunning result at this years Masters, I want to know EVERYTHING.

Because he’s adorable, a class act, and a 21 year old phenom with his entire career ahead of him. He’s the Jeter of golf.