Are you raising money for a charity? Have a charitable event that you’d like to share? Please drop an email to the JSSTribe Admins and they will post it here on the JSSTribe Giving Back page!

Jen Petty (#jenpetty21) – Spinathon for WISE


On March 23, I will be participating in a four hour spinathon for a wonderful cause.

Located in Lebanon, NH, “WISE is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting people and communities impacted by domestic violence, sexual violence and stalking. WISE leads the Upper Valley to end gender-based violence through survivor-centered advocacy, prevention, education and mobilization for social change. WISE offers a confidential and free 24-hour crisis line, peer support groups and workshops, emergency shelter and transitional housing, safety planning and accompaniment to hospitals, police stations, court houses and other social service agencies. The Prevention and Education Program works with youth, professionals, and the community to develop relevant and comprehensive prevention strategies. WISE is committed to engaging everyone in learning to recognize and eliminate the root causes of violence.”

Their employees and volunteers work tirelessly to help battered women and to help bring programs to the classrooms to help teach students about prevention and consent.

For more information on WISE, check out their website:

GoFundMe link:

Thanks for your consideration!

Jen Petty


Linda Seltzer (#Lindalous1026) Riding for “Cycle for Survival”

Hi There

Jenn is one of my favorite teachers, and I love being a part of the tribe. I’m raising money for Cycle for Survival, and my link and page are listed below. I would greatly appreciate any size donation, as rare cancers have affected my immediate family… I’ve written about it in my link; but, I lost my brother at age 40 to brain cancer, along with other members of my family. I grew up in NY and am planning to go back late July, and can’t wait to hopefully meet Jenn and take a class or two while I am back there. I have had my Peloton just over a year, and love it so much!!! What an incredible community.

Thank you very much for considering

Linda Seltzer #Lindalous1026

Linda Seltzer’s Cycle for Survival Donation Page

Nancy Cutler #NancyCbikes Riding for Make-A-Wish

This will be my 8th year riding to grant wishes in the 31st Annual Wish-A-Mile® (WAM) 300 Bicycle Tour, July 26-29, 2018, benefiting Make-A-Wish®. WAM is a three-day, 300-mile bicycle ride across Michigan where I will ride approximately 100 miles a day for 3 days raising funds and awareness for Make-A-Wish Michigan. Your support will help create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.

As a pediatric cardiologist who cares for kids with life-threatening medical conditions, I am so fortunate to be able to nominate my patients for a wish and watch their dream come to life. Seeing their faces while they talk about their wish experience and share pictures, is simply priceless. That is why I am asking you to create life-changing experiences for these by supporting Make-A-Wish.  You make the donation and I will ride 300 miles in 3 days (July 27-29th)…rain or shine!

Click here to visit my homepage.

Any gift is appreciated and collectively, can change the life of a child living with a critical illness.

Thank you, in advance, for your generosity and helping to share the power of a wish®.

Nancy Cutler aka #NancyCbikes

Laurie Condon and Jamie Herz — Riding and Raising Funds to End Alzheimers

From Jamie Herz: Laurie Condon and I met at HRI, and we are both fighting to find a cure to end Alzheimer’s. Laurie lost her mom to the disease, and I am the Program Director of the Alzheimer’s Association, Michigan Great Lakes Chapter. We decided to combine efforts to see if we could raise money and awareness to end this horrific disease. If anyone would like to participate in an Alzheimers Ride in the Studio on Sunday, June 24th during Jenn’s 10:30 ride, we have 30 bikes reserved. The asked donation is $100 and your bike is included in that. If you would like to just donate (any amount), or ride from home we appreciate all of it.

As an employee of the Association, I have watched people suffer from this disease mercilessly. It is unbelievably cruel, and can even effect people in their 40s and 50s. It is a slow, excruciating demise, with no treatment, cure, or prevention. It takes a toll on one’s entire family, and caregivers are left broken and exhausted. Some people can care for their loved ones for up to 20 years, and watch as the person they love become a shell of their former self. Please join us in doing what we can to put an end to this horrible disease.

From Laurie: This fundraiser is very personal to me, because I watched my beautiful, smart, healthy mom, suffer for 15 years to the point where she was not able to recognize me or my siblings. The worst part was when she knew she was losing her memory and there was nothing we could do to help her. It broke our hearts to see her suffer.

In her lifetime, she was a teacher, and a philanthropist. She taught braille to the blind, drove people to dialysis and was always the first to lend a hand. I would love to pay it forward with a cure. I am hoping that with enough funding towards research we will discover better ways to prevent this disease from robbing people of their loved ones.

Any and all donations are appreciated, and can be made using this link.

Even if you are unable to donate at this time, please consider changing your location on June 24th to #TheLongestDay #End ALZ- an Alzheimer’s Association National fundraiser that honors caregivers as every day is their longest day.

Robin Njankin-Fundraiser

 I’ve been a participant in this amazing fundraiser from the beginning. I’ve ridden in both at Peloton Santa Monica and at the NYC studio in support of my friend and fellow rider, Eric Tostrud, and his mom who suffers from this horrible disease. This year, on the heals of my one year cancer free diagnosis, I’m heading to Minneapolis to ride live with this incredible family. Please consider donating, riding and/or spreading the word!

Let’s Help Out Nancy Allen!

Cycle for Survival was founded by Jennifer Goodman Linn—a Memorial
Sloan Kettering patient and Equinox member—and her husband, Dave.
Following Jen’s own rare cancer diagnosis, they wanted to do
something to fight back. Jen sparked this movement and, despite
losing her own battle with cancer in 2011, we continue to be inspired by
her passion and determination to make a difference. Cycle for Survival was founded by Jennifer Goodman Linn—a Memorial
Sloan Kettering patient and Equinox member—and her husband, Dave.
Following Jen’s own rare cancer diagnosis, they wanted to do
something to fight back. Jen sparked this movement and, despite
losing her own battle with cancer in 2011, we continue to be inspired by
her passion and determination to make a difference.

Help Heal Henley!

Cristina Ribeiro (#LilPowerhouse) will be riding all day on Tuesday, November 14th, in honor of her niece, Henley, and to raise awareness for becoming a bone marrow donor. Please see her post here, sign up to be a donor, and join her on any of her rides, using the hashtag #HealingHenley in your location.

Melody Edwards (#MEL629) is running the 2018 NYC Marathon for Team for Kids!

Dear Fellow Tribers!
I’ve decided to run the 2018 TCS New York City Marathon 11/4/18 with Team for Kids and I am asking for your support of their inspiring mission. Team for Kids is a team of adult runners who raise funds for critical services provided by New York Road Runners youth programs. These programs empower youth development and encourage healthy habits via running and character-building programs across the country.

Your giving helps New York Road Runners youth programs:
Serve 267,000 students nationwide – including 134,000 in New York City’s five boroughs – through free NYRR youth running programs, events, and resources.

Engage students in long-term athlete development (LTAD), a lifelong journey that guides an individual’s experience in sports and physical activity to develop healthy minds and bodies for life.

Help build the next generation of athletes by supporting coaches, educators, and fitness leaders with the tools they need to make a difference.

Whether you are a runner, have worked with children, or have kids yourself, I hope you will join me to further this great cause!
See you at the finish line!

Help support Mel here!

The JSS Tribe Runs, Walks and Rides for Breast Cancer Awareness

Last Weekend in NYC, was all about coming together to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. Our own Yanina Livingston, took this on and organized quite a weekend for JSS Tribe members. On Saturday, Yanina and 20 JSS Tribe members ran the Brooklyn Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon together. On Sunday, Lisa Wichman, Shari Rosenberg, Jamie Schneider, Kate Flynn, Tracey Paulsen and Monica Kalfur walked the Avon39 TOGETHER! While they were walking, Yanina and a bunch of JSS Tribe members were in the studio for a very ride that only our fearless leader could make so special for everyone involved. After the ride, the riders went over to cheer on the walkers as they finished their walk. One Peloton at its finest.

The JSS Tribe raised over $1,000 Dollars and divided 100% of the funds raised among the 6 Avon39 Tribe Members who walked together.

Congratulations to Yanina for a very successful, amazing, inspiring event!

Yanina recapped her amazing weekend in this note below. Thought you’d all enjoy:

This past weekend October 14 and 15 the JSSTribe came together as One Peloton to raise awareness and support a group of six riders who participated in Avon39. Lisa Wichman, Shari Rosenberg, Jamie Schneider, Kate Flynn, Tracey Paulsen and Monica Kalfur walked 39 miles to take Breast Cancer down. 
This very special weekend started with at least 20 tribe members running the Rock N’Roll Brooklyn half marathon. It was so amazing to see everyone wearing the special JSSTribe Pink Ribbon T-shirt collection to support our walker’s fundraising efforts. Such an honor to run with these ladies. We sang, laughed and talked our ears off pushing each other as a true community as a true One Peloton. 
In the meantime our walkers were having as much fun walking the first 26.2 miles. Yes, a full marathon walking to end Breast Cancer. We texted, spoke over the phone and FaceTimed through out the race. Other riders from around the country were also running 13.1 miles in support (Terri Kassler from Ohio!) Or showed up to greet the walkers and join them for miles (Paige and Nancy! Howard and Carey!), and we had a whole crew of family members and friends waiting for us at the finish line. My heart was bursting, tears rolling down disguised as sweat, watching the Tribe coming together in support. 
We then found out that while we were running, the walkers were receiving even more donations and our phones were bursting with notifications from the most supportive Tribe ever. Jenn was texting me… “Yaya! You got this! Send me photos! I want to know!”. Talk about support, how amazing is Jenn!!! Cant thank her enough for all her messages. 
At the finish line we watched her video, read all the posts and messages, the photos from the walkers doing great!, thinking of our loved ones who were affected by this horrible disease. 
When our knees and feet where hurting, when the humidity wouldn’t let us breathe, when we wanted to stop, we kept thinking about this warriors and what they endure. We couldn’t stop, we had to keep going for them and we did! One of my highlights was to watch Morgan Blue and Helen Milagros Scott crossing that finish line completing their very first half marathon! They did it! I was so proud of them!. 
The next day we woke up even more excited. Today was the day, one that we planned for months and it was finally here!. As we entered the studio, right away you could feel this positive electric vibe in the air. Riders driving from a far to be there, some from the very first time. I cannot begin to tell you how loud that studio was with riders jumping up and down when they finally met for the first time, all the hugs, all the tears, all the coffee after a night of celebrating. The walkers were feeling strong ready for their last 13.1 miles. This will be a memorable day indeed. 
And then Jenn walked in…her smile, her warmth, I cant even. The studio exploded, lets get this party started!
After a ton of photos, even more hugs surrounded by a sea of pink and tribe T-shirts, we walked into the studio and clipped in with anticipation. And boy our expectations were not only met but surpassed with Jenn delivering the most amazing ride. Each song, each word of encouragement, every single shout out for the walkers, for the riders and for that front row. That front row of Cancer warriors riding together, cheering, singing, kicking ass on the bike. I was taken a back, what an incredibly emotional moment in Peloton history. The walkers watched from their phones, equally emotional with Jenn’s words of encouragement, with our screams at the back. Lady GaGa “The Cure” was playing “I will be there by your side”…holding hands with Cristina Ribeiro, getting nods from Krissy Blackwood. Looking up and knowing our moms would be so proud. I broke down in to tears, tears of joy, thankful and incredibly blessed to be a part of this unforgettable walk, run and ride with the Tribe. THIS… is #TSTM. 
We rushed out of the studio, most of us still sweating, but who cares! The walkers were almost there!! We had to rush! Cowbells in hand we ran to the finish line to wait for them. And there they were, our six walkers, smiling, singing, shouting, holding each other hand in hand. Each step perfectly synchronized to the rhythm of their hearts…FUCancer! We will beat you! We will find the cure!. 
After all the hugs, the tears, the stories, videos and photos, I started to feel the end of this special weekend was coming. I sense of relief, of accomplishment and pride for this women, for the tribe for Jenn, for all of us. 
On my way back home, it took me a while to take it all in. The ride was over but the fight continues, and after this weekend, I restored my faith in the Peloton Community. 
From a bike that goes nowhere, we have come so far. Together we #JFDidIt, together we raised over One Thousand dollars from the sales of the collection in addition to all the individual donations that came from the riders helping this 6 ladies raise over twenty-thousand dollars!!!
All I can say is THANK YOU, thank you for your support, your love, your posts, your messages. For showing up, for changing your location. To those 630 riders who clipped in and to Jenn for giving the most amazing ride, for making this possible and for being the glue to this community. We are One Peloton, and together we walked, ran and rode far. 
Love, YaYa. 

Virginia Norfolk – Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk

Hi Tribe-

I am a two time breast cancer survivor from the Boston area.  My last recurrence was this past May and resulted in a double mastectomy.  All went very well with my recovery and I’m beyond thrilled to be healthy again. 

Can’t tell you how sorry I am to be missing out on the 10/15 JSS Tribe Ride in support of the Avon 39 team but I have purchased a shirt from the JSS Tribe Pink Ribbon Collection so I’ll definitely be there in spirit.  Physically I’ll be participating in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in Concord, NH that day.  I have done this walk annually since 2011 to not only celebrate my survival but to help the American Cancer Society ensure others are able to do the same.  If you are interested in checking out this event or making a donation my personal page is below.  I will be thinking of the Avon 39 team as I walk among a sea of pink knowing we are all doing our part to help kick this cancer’s ass.  Cross your fingers for good weather in NH—it has snowed on us in the past!  Thanks, #MrsSunshine

Giving Back/Bobbie Cohlan/Baby Loss Awareness Ride 10/1/17

October is Pregnancy and Baby Loss Awareness Month .  To remember the babies sadly gone too soon we will be riding in the studio on October 1 at 9:30 .  Sadly miscarriage, stillbirth and baby loss has affected many of our Peloton families, either personally or through family and friends. 
– One in four pregnancies ends in the loss of a baby .
-The loss of a child is recognized as the most intense cause of grief.
-Parents never “get over” the loss of a child- no matter what the age
-Parents experiencing grief without supportive care can have debilitating consequences such as PSTD, depression and anxiety that could further result in job loss, divorce, difficultes in daily living, or impediments with parenting of living children.
-The loss of a child stays with a family forever, but the emotional and physical impacts are often challenging for others to truly understand. Having support through grief is paramount to recovery.
-Raising awareness is the first step to accessing help and also to bring awareness to the need for research to find the ways to lower the alarming statistics.
For all these reasons and more our family founded and is active in the Star Legacy Foundation New York Metro Chapter. (serving NYC, Long Island, northern New Jersey, Westchester County and Fairfield County,Ct) To learn about this premier baby loss charity and see if there is a chapter near you go to the website at

This event is not a fundraiser but merely a way to bring awareness to the world of baby loss in the hopes that more awareness will lead to better care and education for families and professionals, as well as research to lower the incidence.

Of course if you would like to consider a donation or learn more about the leading non profit baby loss charity Star Legacy Foundation, just click on this the website
If you will be riding in the studio that morning please let us know. We would love to support each other.   I will provide you with a racer back performance tank top if I hear from you in time to order.
and if you would also like
#( your babies name if they have) (eg. #Oliver)
Bobbie aka #Mimi_moves
mother of a miscarriage in 1976
grandmother of Oliver born still 1/25/13

Giving Back/Beth Sacco/MS Bike Ride

Riding the Bike MS – Again!

Can’t believe it’s that time of year already!  Every year I swear it will be my last ride.  But then training time arrives and I begin to think about those like my sister, Carol, who continue to live with MS.  Carol and those like her inspire me to ride year after year. She was diagnosed over 25 years ago and continues to lead a very full life with a positive, upbeat attitude.  I am proud to be her sister and I am once again dedicating this ride to her.

Why You Should Sponsor Me

Today, there is no cure for multiple sclerosis, and with diagnosis occurring most frequently between the ages of 20 and 50, many individuals face a lifetime filled with unpredictability.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society will use funds collected from the MS Bike Tour to not only support research for a cure tomorrow, but also to provide programs which address the needs of people living with MS today. Because we can fight this disease by simply riding a bike, because we have chosen to help thousands of people through a contribution to the MS Bike Tour, we are now getting closer to the hour when no one will have to hear the words, “You have MS.”

Please help by making a donation. Thank you for your support!

Giving Back/Sherri Breslow/Mitochondrial Awareness

 I will be doing 4 rides this Sunday for Mitochondrial Awareness Week which is a cause very important and close to my heart because my daughter has a mitochondrial disease.
Hi JSS Tribe! I am going to be riding in the NYC Studio on Sunday 9/24 for Mitochondrial Awareness Week and for my 150th ride.!!! After 8 years of searching for answers my daughter, Sydney , was finally diagnosed with a mitochondrial disease. Mitochondrial diseases occur when the mitochondria in a person’s cells cannot convert food into life sustaining energy. Sydney is now 25 and is one of 8 people in the world that have been identified with her specific mito disease
which affects her vision, speech, walking and balance. I am going to ride at 9:30am with Jenn for HOPE, at 10:30 am with Jenn for ENERGY(150th!!!) and then a 3rd ride for LIFE and a 4th ride for A CURE. Please join me in the studio or at home as we ride for Sydney and the many others with this devastating disease who can’t!
To learn more about Sydney , mitochondrial diseases and our fund please go to:
To learn more about mitochondrial diseases please go to
My screen name is spinninsherrib and right now my location is jsstribe#hope#energy#life#cure

Giving Back/Angela/#ATX_Angela/Tour de Cure for Diabetes

My 9 year old daughter and I are participating in the Tour de Cure on October 28. We have committed to raise $200 for the American Diabetes Association. It is a 15 mile ride, which will  be a challenge for my daughter since she hasn’t done this many miles, but I will be with her for moral support. Would love it if you could share this to the JSS tribe event website. My LB name is ATX_Angela. Every $ helps and I appreciate all donations!
The fundraising page is:
Thanks so much!