• Leaderboard Get To Know You
    First and foremost explain the genesis of your leaderboard name…
    Personal Info:
    Name: Tullie (rhymes with Scully) Soileau (pronounced like Swallow – yep!)
    Where do You live? Birmingham, AL (but from Louisiana)
    Married/Single? Happily Married to David most days. Some days I want to throat punch him, but I still love him. I think he’s super hot, too!
    Kids/Grandkids? 2 little ladies, Susie and Hazie
    Pets? A pointer named Levi, who I think is part pig because he eats so damn much.
    Working/Retired? Part time lawyer
    If you went to college…what college did you go to?  Louisiana Tech University and Cumberland School of Law, Samford University
    Motto in which you live by?  Don’t be a doormat. Also, I constantly remind myself that my girls are watching me and are learning how to be a woman, a lady, and a contributing member of society from me, so I better set a good example.
    1)   How long have you had your bike?  Since December 2016.
    2)   Where in your home do you ride?  In my bedroom. My view is usually that of an unmade bed and my two girls.
    3)   What is your favorite Color?  Black. Every shade of black. I wanted to paint the inside of my house black, my my husband said no. My favorite nail color is Dark Dahlia by CND Shellac. It’s right up there with black as my favorite color.
    4)   What is your favorite food?  Spicy tuna bowl from Fresh Market, my shrimp salad, or my husband’s guacamole
    5)   What is your favorite TV Show?  90210 or Party of Five (come on, you know you loved them!)
    6)   Have you ever ridden in studio?  Yes!!!  My dad took me for ride 100 in February!  It was THE BEST!  I’m going back for my bday in November!
    7)   Who would you like to ride with?  Someone with a bike?  Therese Nagem. Someone who may have a bike?  Bieber. Someone I know doesn’t have a bike?  My sister, Currie. The instructors?  All of them!
    8)   Guilty Pleasure – Sunglasses. I won’t even admit to how many pairs I have, but it’s a lot. I can’t help myself.  I also collect oyster plates. Sounds lame, but they’re so beautiful!!  I’m also a total nerd and take selfies all the time, and I love anything with a skull on it.
    9)   Favorite Curse word – Fuck or goddammit
    10) Favorite musician – Kevin Griffin of Better Than Ezra, Billy Joel, Taylor Swift, Pink, etc. You can’t make me choose. I won’t do it.
    11) Morning or night – Sunday-Thursday morning, Friday and Saturday night
    12) Last Book You Read – Shut Up and Run and A River in Darkness
    13) Who’s the Last Person who texted you – my sister and my dad about weather, Therese Nagem about weekend plans, and my bestie Tommy about his love life
    14) Favorite App – Twitter, FB, iMessage, and FaceTime
    15) Favorite Sport – college baseball
    16) Favorite Sports Team – LSU Tigers and NO Saints
    17) Fave Alcoholic Beverage – champagne or White Claw
    18)  What Color is your toothbrush – grey and purple
    19)  Do you have a favorite cartoon character – not really
    20)  Coffee or tea – coffee
    21)  What time do you go to bed – 10 or 11
    22)  Fave Reality TV show – Teen Mom or 600 pound life (stop judging)
    23)  What is something we’d be surprised to know about you?  I majored on geography and GIS because I wanted to be a meteorologist, but I decided at the last minute I should go to law school. I’m still fascinated by weather.  I’ve also never met a festival (music or otherwise) that I didn’t love.
      Dinner guest – All of my grandparents, Martha Stewart, JSS, Robin Arzon, and John Foley.

      I just want to say thanks to JSS and to this tribe. I work in a job where so many women see each other as competition, and I don’t like how that feels. I’ve learned how to support others by watching all of you. There have been so many times over the last year when I’ve needed to emotionally support friends and family and even stand up for myself, and this tribe has given me so many ways to do this. By watching how support from strangers can go such a long way, I’ve been able to be there for people in my life so much better.  I’ve also learned that cheering for someone doesn’t mean I’m putting someone else down.  So thanks, everyone!  I’m a better friend and mom because of all of you. I live and love unapologetically because of you all. I love all of you for your support of me and especially of my dad when he took me to NYC and did 5 rides in 3 days with me. He still talks about it.  You’re all wonderful people, and I really think we need a JSS Tribe HRI. I’d be the first to sign up (and if it’s the weekend of November 9, that’d be great because I’ll already be there for my bday! Hint! Hint!). XOXO to all!